Parker Millsap – Star In The Making?

Here’s Parker Millsap performing an original entitled “Palisade” at Breathing Rhythm Studio.

Now I guess you got to be wondering…

How do I find videos like this?

Well, read the following from Sam Berry, who posted this personal note to me over at

“I think you may like this kid. His names Parker Milsap . He’s from around Oklahoma City area. I met him at a festival last year when he was get this 15 . So yep he’s 16 or possibly 17 now. He’s write most of his own stuff and is a great talent. Plays guitar and Dobro . There are other videos on YouTube but this one is one of the cleaner recordings so I sent it to you. Have fun and hope you enjoy what he does. He will absolutely floor you in real life . The whole room stops movement when he starts singing. “

Well Sam, I think you are right… Parker has the makings of a big star from what I’m watching and hearing in this video. I also love the pure raw sound that they’re getting at Breathing Rhythm Studio.