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  • JP Guitar Duo: Happy

    JP Guitar Duo: Happy

    Jovanny Parvedy and Pete Mc Grane teamed up and formed JP guitar duo. Pete plays a Spanish guitar, and Jovanny an acoustic guitar. Pete is from Dublin and Jovanny from Reunion, but they are based in Paris. They have many interesting videos in  their youtube channel. In this one they brilliantly arranged and play “Happy” the famous song by Pharrell Willliams. The outcome is quite enjoyable. By Miche Archetto

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  • Gavino Loche: Beatles on Acoustic Guitar- Come Together

    Gavino Loche: Beatles on Acoustic Guitar- Come Together

    We have already featured Gavino Loche’s impressing acoustic covers of famous songs, including “Sultan of Swings” and “The Wall“. This time Gavino decided to enhance his one-man-band attitude by adding a new percussive tool to his Lakewood guitar. And he tested it on the famous hit by the Beatles “Come Together”. Also this time the result is a great and accurate rendition of the original piece. Here is some information about the song: “Timothy Leary was a psychologist who became […]

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  • Jeremy Choi: If (by Bread)

    Jeremy Choi: If (by Bread)

    Here’s a popular one for you… The song “If” by Bread Performed by “YouTube” guitarist Jeremy Choi. Now what do I mean by “YouTube” Guitarist? Well, in the last few years, guitarist have become very popular on YouTube. Andy McKee would be another YouTube Guitarist that comes to mind. It was difficult to find any bio info but check this out.. A Youtube interview…!! Special thanks to Harvey Theriault for recommending this video.

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  • Gian Piero Ferrini: “Get Back”

    Gian Piero Ferrini: “Get Back”

    Here is the Italian guitar player Gian Piero Ferrini playing his fingerstyle rendition of “Get Back”, the famous song by The Beatles. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any useful information about Gian Piero on the web. Anyway, you can visit his youtube channel if you want to enjoy some more of his videos. By Miche Archetto

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  • Flip Peters: How Can I Be Sure- The Young Rascals- Acoustic Guitar Cover

    Flip Peters: How Can I Be Sure- The Young Rascals- Acoustic Guitar Cover

    Here’s an excellent acoustic guitar cover version of the 1967 Young Rascals hit song “How can I Be Sure”  by my guitarist pal Flip Peters. Flip who is an Adjunct professor of guitar at County College of Morris, Randolph and Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ  -   kind of changes things up here by playing a classical style guitar (I’m used to hearing him on an archtop electric or a steel stringed acoustic). What’s interesting about this project (yea, this […]

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  • Miss You (Rolling Stones) x Diego Ruiz – acoustic guitar instrumental

    Miss You (Rolling Stones) x Diego Ruiz – acoustic guitar instrumental

    Fan of The Rolling Stones? Well, it’s hard to go anywhere in the world and not hear this song playing in a shopping mall, restaurant or on air. Diego Ruiz does a great job transferring this song to acoustic, performing fingerstyle and hitting the guitar on the 2/4 for the snare. And he’s got the vibe for this and really captured the flavor (attitude!!) He’s already got a nice amount of views on YouTube but let’s see if we can […]

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  • National Fingerstyle Champion Performs “Superstition”

    National Fingerstyle Champion Performs “Superstition”

    Here is Pete Huttlinger playing live his impressive rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. Pete is a great guitar player, in 2000 He won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. This video has been recorded after he recovered from a major stroke in 2010 and a massive heart failure in 2011. This other video tells more about the “personal story of struggles I’ve faced and worked through or learned to accept as they were”, as he […]

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  • Stefano Barbati: Acoustic Slapping

    Stefano Barbati: Acoustic Slapping

    We have already featured Stefano Barbati in a previous post. It was a great rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary”. In this other video he interprets “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream (1967), using his interesting slapping acoustic technique. This rendition was part of Stefano’s album “Blues de rua” (2007). The guitar is tuned in DADGAD.   By Miche Archetto

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  • Stephanie Jackson: Dream On

    Stephanie Jackson: Dream On

    Stephanie Jackson, from Memphis TN, plays here her arrangement of Aerosmiths’ “Dream on”. “Stephanie Jackson is an eclectic musician who uses her guitar to express heartfelt melodies from a variety of genres. At the offset of each performance, she engages the audience with her love of music displayed in her unique, captivating sound.    Born & raised in Memphis, TN, where her mother sang opera and taught piano lessons in the home, Stephanie  started playing the piano as a toddler […]

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  • Daryl Kellie: Bohemian Rhapsody on Acoustic Guitar

    Daryl Kellie: Bohemian Rhapsody on Acoustic Guitar

    English guitarist Daryl Kellie does a great job here with his acoustic cover of “Bohemain Rhapsody”, by Queen. Here is the bio found on his official website “Daryl Kellie is one of today’s finest acoustic guitarists, citing influences from Metallica to John Coltrane. He has a unique style, rich in unusual techniques rarely seen on the guitar. Eager to learn guitar from the age of 8, Daryl finally got his chance 4 years later when the Kellie family moved house and to […]

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  • Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Acoustic Guitar

    Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Acoustic Guitar

    Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Walking by Bob Harris We’ve featured guitarist Andrea Valeri before on Acoustic Guitar Videos… But here’s a cover song on acoustic that was a big hit for Nancy Sinatra back in the 60′s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” Yes, Sinatra as in Frank… Nancy as in Frank’s daughter. Well here’s a quick personal story about Frank and Nancy… hope you don’t mind. My publisher at the time (Billy Strange) who worked with […]

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  • Steve Bean: Closing the Circle

    Steve Bean: Closing the Circle

    English guitarist Steve Bean is featured here rendering “Bohemian Rapsody” by Queen on a classical guitar. What I’ve found interesting in this video is that Queen’s composition brought a taste of classical symphonic music in their music, resorting to plenty of overdubbing and studio work. And “Bohemian Rapsody” is probably their highest peak in this direction. In a sense Steve Bean takes back that music to the roots of its inspiration, playing it completely unplugged on a classical guitar. Here […]

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  • Adam Palma: New Video Live

    Adam Palma: New Video Live

    Adam Palma is featured here with a song entitled “The Magnificent Seven” which is the Theme (Siedmiu wspanialych) and Zielony Piotrus (Peter Green) by Dzem. The performance took place and was filmed at Teatr Letni in Ciechocinek on the 28 of December 2013. For those of you that don’t know Adam Palma, he is considered one of the top acoustic guitarist on the scene today, with an impressive list of achievements which includes a four time appearance at the CAAS The CAAS […]

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  • Jacques Stotzem: Hey Joe

    Jacques Stotzem: Hey Joe

    We have already posted some videos by Jacques Stotzem on AGV (just use the search tool here on the right hand side). Recently he uploaded a beautiful acoustic rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s version of “Hey Joe”. If you like this video don’t forget to share it with your friends! By Miche Archetto

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  • Naudo Rodrigues: Reinventing the Hits

    Naudo Rodrigues: Reinventing the Hits

    Naudo Rodrigues comes from Brazil but lives in the Canary Islands. He uploaded more than 160 videos on his youtube channel, most of them covers of famous songs. The most popular videos are called “REMIX” and feature the greatest hits of a given famous musician. Here is his “REMIX” of Eric Clapton. According to the description of the video, this is a partial improvisation. I didn’t find much biographic information about Naudo, but that his previous youtube channel, with more […]

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  • Jonathan Lane- Imagines Imagine (John Lennon)

    Jonathan Lane- Imagines Imagine (John Lennon)

    Here’s guitarist/singer Jonathan Lane with John Lennon’s “Imagine” or should I say, a remnant of the original, as this is what I’d call completely different except, he’s using the original words (but changing the chords and the melody completely). Jonathan Lane’s version is a much more sorrowful song with the sad minor chords- it’s almost as if it’s a last ditch plea for human sanity instead of Lennon’s hopeful melody. Jonathan is almost saying,, is there ever going to be […]

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