Monte Montgomery: Fusion Acoustic

I’ve had this conversation with a few of my producing/recording pals about the acoustic guitar blending with a full drum kit. One producer said- “That’s why we have electric guitars.”

Well, Monte Montgomery must have been thinking something else.

Now granted, this is not what anyone would call an acoustic sound (when He’s soloing) and, the feedback buster inside of the soundhole of his beat to crap guitar sure does indicate he has it cranked at a pretty high level. But whatever his rig is, it doesn’t sound over processed and still has an acoustic tone (especially when the band stops playing and he switches pedal positions).

As far as Monte’s playing, he’s got all the classic electric moves down and then some.. Even sometimes reminding me of Allan Holdsworth successfully playing an acoustic… But I’ve seen a lot of electric players try what Monte is doing on the acoustic… totally unsuccessful.

Of course, Monte has chops out the you know what!

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