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  • Maneli Jamal – Daft Funk

    Maneli Jamal – Daft Funk

    Here’s a new song by Maneli Jamal that just got released last week ( January 12) entitled “Daft Funk”.   Lately, Maneli has been getting into some serious groove acoustic… Daft Funk is for sure his funkiest song to date. You would expect with a title like this that he’d be using a lot of the modern percussive techniques for a song like this but, that’s not what happens here. Maneli does however use a percussive backbeat in this song, […]

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  • Maneli Jamal: The Long Journey Towards Home

    Maneli Jamal: The Long Journey Towards Home

    Once again, Maneli Jamal shows us why he’s one of the top fingerstyle guitarist on the circuit today. This song entitled “ Movement IV- Alleviation” is not only well played, but a memorable composition that I have now come to expect from this fine guitarist. Maneli, who has moved around a lot, is now based in Canada, but I see him doing a lot of traveling and a busy guitar schedule. Hey, when do you find the time to record all […]

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  • Maneli Jamal – Little Blues Anyone?

    Maneli Jamal – Little Blues Anyone?

    Maneli Jamal just sent me this clip of him playing a few Blues riffs on a Yamaha C40 Classical Style guitar. Hey, it’s very very short but, it’s not anything that I’ve come to know Maneli for on the acoustic (hey, are we headed somewhere else?). If you are not familiar with Maneli, he’s one of the top solo guitarists on the scene today. So, this first vid consider  a little intro to him, check out this full video below. […]

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  • Maneli Jamal – Take The Cold Arrival

    Maneli Jamal – Take The Cold Arrival

    Maneli Jamal, who now lives in Canada, is perhaps in for a rude awakening with the cool Canadian weather. Not a great place to live if you don’t care for the deep down chill of a longer winter. But from what I have been told, Maneli is very happy with his family in Canada. And even if he didn’t tell me himself, check out this composition. Maneli does everything on the guitar here- from tapping, percussive, boogie, flatpicking with a […]

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  • Maneli Jamal: Settling Down

    Maneli Jamal: Settling Down

    Maneli Jamal – We Made It (2013) Maneli Jamal is one of those guitarist that can create a mood with his instrument. It’s not just notes anymore, the composition title actually means something… For example, this new piece entitled “We Made It,” really sounds so comforting. It’s as if there is a big sigh of relief that says “Hey, we’ve settled down, we’re good and “we made it.” Beautiful tone as always from Maneli, with a precision performance filled with […]

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