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  • Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    A few years ago when I was just getting this Acoustic Guitar Video site up and running, there were a few guitarist that reached out to me, and were very enthusiastic about this site and the chance for some more exposure with their music. One of these guitarists was Oscar Mendez, who is one of the rare guitarists in his country of Columbia that performs this style of guitar. (fingerstyle to be exact) Like many other guitarists, Oscar knew enough […]

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  • Davide Sgorlon: Touching on Harmonics

    Davide Sgorlon: Touching on Harmonics

    The Artist: Davide Sgorlon-Contemporary Acoustic Guitar. Other than he is Italian, I have been able to find little Bio material (in English). His basic idea is to go beyond the traditional concept of acoustic guitar playing and use new performance techniques on the instrument to expand the tonal and expressive potential. He is a guitarist, composer, movie maker and sound engineer mixing for film and television. Most of his compositions and performance are for theatre. In 2013 he released his […]

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