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  • Adam Palma- He’s “Positively Mad” on the Guitar

    Adam Palma- He’s “Positively Mad” on the Guitar

    “For all of you who emailed me, texted me and poked on FB asking to record “Positively Mad” in a close-up, here it is! Please mind that the song’s been evolving since I composed it and recorded on my album 2012.  So this version is a bit different to the album track! Enjoy!” That was the description Adam Palma placed on this “rare”  2012 video of him casually playing to the camera at home. I say rare because as of […]

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  • Adam Palma: New Video Live

    Adam Palma: New Video Live

    Adam Palma is featured here with a song entitled “The Magnificent Seven” which is the Theme (Siedmiu wspanialych) and Zielony Piotrus (Peter Green) by Dzem. The performance took place and was filmed at Teatr Letni in Ciechocinek on the 28 of December 2013. For those of you that don’t know Adam Palma, he is considered one of the top acoustic guitarist on the scene today, with an impressive list of achievements which includes a four time appearance at the CAAS The CAAS […]

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  • Adam Palma – Fylde guitar and Some New Toys

    Adam Palma – Fylde guitar and Some New Toys

    Here’s a brand new vid by Adam Palma who is obviously psyched to have a new guitar along with some new effect pedals which also includes a looper (you will get to see him use it here). Adam wrote the following: ” Yesterday, I played a bit with my new toys: my new beautiful Fylde guitar and TC Electronics’ Polytune, Reverb and Ditto Looper. Here is a song that came up after a while, I called it ” Into Battle” […]

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  • Adam Palma- Rocky Mountain

    Adam Palma- Rocky Mountain

    Adam Palma- Rocky Mountain I’m including 2 versions of this song. The first one is Adam Live at Polish Radio RDC in the A.Osiecka Studio, the 27th of June 2013 By courtesy of Polish Radio RDC Personally, I think this is a smoother and better performance but, the camera work is so distant, you just can’t see anything Adam is doing. The opening is just out of this world! The second vid is a more energetic version, so check both out. […]

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  • Adam Palma: Playin’ Some Funky Blues

    Adam Palma playing his composition “Rocky Mountains” I just did a review of Adam Palma and Tommy Emmanuel (see this here) BUT WAIT… check this video out first… Adam Palma is one smokin’ hot guitarist that has  obviously been heavily inspired by the great Tommy Emmanuel…. and you know what? Adam in my opinion is just as awesome a guitarist that seemingly can do anything on the guitar- from flatpicking to what we hear now with the fingerpicking. This video which […]

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