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  • Sungha Jung Gravity

    Sungha Jung Gravity

    Sungha Jung Gravity Here’s an original composition by internet guitar phenomenon Sungha Jung. This particular video which was published almost two years ago to the day has almost 2 million views. Shngha Jung’s popularity is two fold. First, he’s a great player and he started out very young making videos. Perhaps an exception to the rule but certainly deserving of all the publicity. Now we do have some Sungha vids here at Acoustic Guitar Videos (check it out here) but […]

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  • Chet Atkins- Mr. Sandman

    Chet Atkins- Mr. Sandman

    We have a huge amount of Chet Atkins fans over here at Acoustic Guitar Videos and, most any time we post a Chet vid (this one being his rendition of Mr. Sandman), it gets a great response. This particular vid taken from a 1954 TV show… hey, no info but does anyone know where this came from?   As an aside, you might also like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Svm_Vnntyk&list=RD7Svm_Vnntyk#t=103 this is Chet playing the Orange Blossom Special… great guitar playing here as well.   […]

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