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  • “Jerry’s Breakdown” – Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel & Richard Smith

    “Jerry’s Breakdown” – Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel & Richard Smith

    “Fasten your Seatbelts. This is HIGH OCTANE Guitar Pickin’. Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel and Richard Smith perform “Jerry’s Breakdown” at the 2nd Annual “Jerry Reed Guitar-Man Tribute Concert” 2014, held at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN. With Bart Pikes on the Bass, Ric McClure on the Drums, Mike Wyatt on Percussion, Pat Bergeson on the Harmonica and Mark Thornton on the Acoustic Guitar. “ The above is the description from YouTube…. this certainly would have been a great concert […]

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  • Maneli Jamal – Daft Funk

    Maneli Jamal – Daft Funk

    Here’s a new song by Maneli Jamal that just got released last week ( January 12) entitled “Daft Funk”.   Lately, Maneli has been getting into some serious groove acoustic… Daft Funk is for sure his funkiest song to date. You would expect with a title like this that he’d be using a lot of the modern percussive techniques for a song like this but, that’s not what happens here. Maneli does however use a percussive backbeat in this song, […]

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  • Teja Gerken – Seven Years

    Teja Gerken – Seven Years

    Here is Californian German born guitarist Teja Gerken playing his original composition “Seven Years” on his 2004 Custom Shop Martin OM, in Open D-Minor (DADFAD) tuning. “Seven Years” was originally recorded for Teja’s 1999 release “On My Way,” and combines fingerstyle techniques with two-handed tapping sections. “ Born in Germany in 1970, Teja Gerken began his journey on the guitar at the age of six and became a serious student of the instrument after his family moved to California in the mid ’80s. […]

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  • Fingerpicking For Beginners- Learn Fingerstyle Guitar

    Fingerpicking For Beginners- Learn Fingerstyle Guitar

    For those of you that have a guitar laying around the house and have never picked it up  (or picked it up years ago and want to learn), here’s your chance to learn fingerstyle guitar  and be able to play a little in 12 minutes or less! Fingerpicking for Beginners- Learn Fingerstyle Guitar… what’s it all about? Many of the fingerstyle guitar lessons that I’ve come across on YouTube are either too complex for guitar beginners, forcus on teaching a […]

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  • Antonello Fiamma for Candyrat

    Antonello Fiamma for Candyrat

    Here is Italian guitarist Antonello Fiamma in his first video for Candyrat. We have already featured Antonello about one year ago. Since then he released his new album called “The Round Path”, and in this video he plays the title track of that album. More information about Antonello is available on his official website. by Miche Archetto

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  • Acoustic Gangsters – Jozef Scheiner and Peter Luha

    Acoustic Gangsters – Jozef Scheiner and Peter Luha

    Acoustic Gangsters- Mandolinist Jozef Scheiner has just released an instrumental solo mandolin album called “Perinmama”. In this video he plays “For Piazzolla”, a song from that album together with guitarist Peter Luha. Both musicians hail from Slovakia. The music of “Acoustic Gangsters” here is very reminiscent of the David Grisman Quintet (perhaps more in the days of Mark O’Connor). Both Jozef and Peter are loaded with chops, and this composition “For Piazzolla” has it all including a very memorable melody.  Jozef Scheiner’s Biography […]

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  • Jan Laurenz: From Beartrax to Ukulele

    Jan Laurenz: From Beartrax to Ukulele

    Acoustic Guitar Videos has featured the excellent playing of Jan Laurenz before.. only on the Beartrax Guitar… What’s a Beartrax guitar you ask? Check it out here… This new video by Jan Laurenz pretty much proves that he doesn’t need a lot of strings to make a lot of music. Here’s a quick bio on Jan Laurenz… “Born in Zurich, Switzerland in February, 1975, Laurenz became interested in playing guitar at age eight after watching his sister before him. His […]

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