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  • Marco Ielpo- Fingerdance

    Marco Ielpo- Fingerdance

    Here’s some really cool playing by Italian guitarist Marco Ielpo with a song entitled “Fingerdance” which is a cover by Billy McLaughlin… performed in the tapping percussive style of guitar.  As you will see, Marco has a bunch of YouTube videos listed and worth checking out, as this video is one of many from his YouTube playlist. Marco’s technique here is all tapping, and from what I can see (and hear) there’s not one single picked note present in this performance. […]

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  • Ivan Pesut – Farewell Song

    Ivan Pesut – Farewell Song

    Here’s Guitarist Ivan Pesut from Croatia with a very interesting video that features “duet playing”… but the other player is himself. What a great job of cinematography here with both Ivans playing in the same room… even having what looks to be eye contact and interaction… Now we’ve featured Ivan here before with a song called “Spring Break” which is also definitely worth watching if you like this kind of guitar style Ivan Pesut- Spring Break What I am going to […]

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  • Akram Abdel Sattar – Long Drive On Road Success

    Akram Abdel Sattar – Long Drive On Road Success

    “Long Drive On Road Success” is a debut solo music video by Egyptian Guitarist Akram Abdel Sattar. The song as Akram explains it “fairly describes my progression with acoustic finger-style techniques and how five years, since I’ve ever touched my first guitar, were full of passion towards strings” Akram credits inspiration from finger-style players Thomas Leeb and Mike Dawes. For this filming, the video was shot with an iPhone 4s in Full HD 1080p mode using FiLMiC Pro app ($3.99) which […]

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  • Sharon Wayne plays Dusan Bogdanovic

    Sharon Wayne plays Dusan Bogdanovic

    Here is American guitarist Sharon Wayne playing Dusan Bogdanovic’s composition called “Jazz Sonata”. According to her website, she is Artistic Director of the Boston Classical Guitar Society, and currently serves on the faculties of Worcester’s Joy of Music Program and the New School of Music in Cambridge. “Sharon Wayne received her BM and MM degrees in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Southern California, where she studied with William Kanengiser and James Smith. First Prize winner of the 1991 ASIA Solo […]

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  • Jacky Bastek: Emerging talent

    Jacky Bastek: Emerging talent

    Very young guitarist Jacky Bastek, from Eppstein (Germany), plays here her new composition “Cold Progression”. She has stopped playing for a few months due to a hand injury, but luckily she is now back in business and shows her impressing mastering of the acoustic guitar. I couldn’t find much information about Jacky on the web, but that she participated in the “Lowden Young Guitarist of the Year” competition this year. The winner was Janet Noguera (we featured also her this year), […]

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  • Ueli von Allmen on a guitar by Dixie Michelle

    Ueli von Allmen on a guitar by Dixie Michelle

    Ueli von Allmen from Switzerland plays “Merci Dixie”, a song he wrote for Dixie Michelle in Tulsa Oklahome. He wrote this song to thank her for the great guitars, mandolins and banjos she make and the music she has enabled him to make with her instruments. We have featured Dixie’s guitar making in a previous post.   52-year-old guitarist and primary school music teacher Ueli von Allmen has his roots in the Swiss alps, but he loves American music and American guitars. […]

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  • Tommy Emmanuel & Adam Palma: Silent Night

    Tommy Emmanuel & Adam Palma: Silent Night

    Here’s two of the best guitarist on the planet earth (Tommy Emmanuel and Adam Palma) performing the popular Christmas Song ”Silent Night”. This video was recently recorded during Adam’s tour with Tommy, and if you continue with watching this video, you can click in the video on the tabs to see more of the tour. Merry Christmas from Acoustic Guitar Videos… Tommy Emmanuel and Adam Palma!  

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  • Eva Atmatzidou: A great Greek talent

    Eva Atmatzidou: A great Greek talent

    Greek guitarist, singer and songwriter Eva Atmatzidou plays here “Rondat”, her first solo guitar composition. Beside acoustic guitar, she plays also mandolin and the  the traditional Greek stringed instrument, the bouzouki. She gained her degree in classical guitar from the conservatory of Thessaloniki in 2003, under the supervision of her teacher Loucia Samourkas. “Eva started performing as a classical and acoustic guitarist at the age of 17, participating in various bands that were playing mainly Greek music and “rembetika”.She also […]

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  • Jersey Bada Bing Christmas- Thinking Outside The “Pizza” Box

    Jersey Bada Bing Christmas- Thinking Outside The “Pizza” Box

    Hey Everybody! Jersey Bada Bing Christmas to you!! Here’s a very odd sort of video that has nothing to do with guitar and nothing to do with performance on instruments. So why am I sharing this with you? Well for starters, it is Christmas and I figured some of you may get a laugh out of this “North Jersey” Christmas Video that I wrote and produced along with vocalist Lucy Clark entitled “Jersey Bada Bing Christmas” back in 2007. Think Sopranos […]

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  • Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    A few years ago when I was just getting this Acoustic Guitar Video site up and running, there were a few guitarist that reached out to me, and were very enthusiastic about this site and the chance for some more exposure with their music. One of these guitarists was Oscar Mendez, who is one of the rare guitarists in his country of Columbia that performs this style of guitar. (fingerstyle to be exact) Like many other guitarists, Oscar knew enough […]

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  • Country Thumbpicking

    Country Thumbpicking

    Concert: Muhlenburg County Thumbpickers   “Chet Atkins was inspired by the complex fingerstyle guitar playing of Merle Travis called “thumbpicking.” This guitar style has been developed, passed down, preserved, and expanded by generations of players around Travis’s birthplace in Kentucky. Award-winning Muhlenburg County-area guitarists Joe Hudson, Paul Mosely, Eddie Pennington, and Freddie Russell will perform. Presented in support of the exhibit Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player, made possible by the Gretsch Company.” I think a lot of you fans of […]

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