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  • Mark Goffeney- Drift Away- Footstyle Guitar

    Mark Goffeney- Drift Away- Footstyle Guitar

    Mark Goffeney- Alright, I thought I saw this video a long time ago and posted it on Acoustic Guitar Videos but… guess not. If you close your eyes you say to yourself, well, no virtuoso on the guitar, but solid playing and nice singing. And then you look up and see this and say., When there’s music in someone’s soul, nothing is going to stop them … and in this case., nothing. “Mark Goffeney is a native San Diegan whose […]

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  • Kaori Muraji: Variations on the Carnival of Venice (F. Tarrega)

    Kaori Muraji: Variations on the Carnival of Venice (F. Tarrega)

    Kaori Muraji is one of the most appreciated classical guitarist from Japan. She was the first Japanese artist to have signed an exclusive international contract with Decca Music Group. Here she plays a composition by Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega, which are the “Variations on the Carnival of Venice”. ” Kaori Muraji is considered one of the most prominent classical guitarists of today, and her challenges and activities are always regarded with keen interest by the entire classical music community. Born […]

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  • Molly Tuttle plays Whiskey Before Breakfast

    Molly Tuttle plays Whiskey Before Breakfast

    Here’s a fiddle tune called Whiskey Before Breakfast performed  by Molly Tuttle- written by Canadian fiddler and composer Andy de Jarlis and made popular on the guitar by Norman Blake. Although Whiskey Before Breakfast is a fairly strait ahead standard tune, Molly Tuttle performs this song with some interesting melodic lines and floaters. Floaters… what’s that you may ask? Well, it’s that sound of the strings ringing all together- and a technique that was started on the bluegrass acoustic guitar […]

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  • Gavino Loche: Beatles on Acoustic Guitar- Come Together

    Gavino Loche: Beatles on Acoustic Guitar- Come Together

    We have already featured Gavino Loche’s impressing acoustic covers of famous songs, including “Sultan of Swings” and “The Wall“. This time Gavino decided to enhance his one-man-band attitude by adding a new percussive tool to his Lakewood guitar. And he tested it on the famous hit by the Beatles “Come Together”. Also this time the result is a great and accurate rendition of the original piece. Here is some information about the song: “Timothy Leary was a psychologist who became […]

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  • RafQu- Acoustic Guitar – Base Jump

    RafQu- Acoustic Guitar – Base Jump

    Here’s acoustic guitarist RafQu, with an  original composition entitled “Base Jump”, played on a custom Fabio Bonardi guitar. This very recent video which already has a lot of views (over 14,000), is RafQu’s first release on acoustic guitar giant Candyrat Records. This has to be a very exciting moment as being accepted as an artist for this label is no easy task. I recently asked RafQu about all of this: “So this was my Big Dream to released a song/Video […]

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  • Luis Salinas: La Milonguera

    Luis Salinas: La Milonguera

    Argentinian jazz guitar player Luis Salinas plays here “La Milonguera”, showing his great technique and great musicianship. “Luis Salinas is an Argentine jazz guitarist who plays both electric and nylon string guitars. His music includes elements of bossa nova, Brazilian samba, Afro-Uruguayan candombe, salsa, boleros and jazz. He blends traditional South American musical forms with improvisational modern jazz. Luis worked for Egle Martin, a well known Argentinean singer, dancer, and producer from 1985 to 1991 and played on her bossa-nova […]

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  • Tony Pusztai: Guitar From Another Planet

    Tony Pusztai: Guitar From Another Planet

    Tony Pusztai, two pieces Okay, I’ve watched this 8 times in a row and I although this is going into the classical guitar category, this is serious jazz as well folks. Good luck being able to breath once you hear this… Tony Pusztai… is one of the most skilled guitarist I’ve ever heard.  Maybe a lot of you are going to faint from his dissonant chord embellishments, or maybe some of you are going to think that Tony takes way […]

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  • Tom Lumen – Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

    Tom Lumen – Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

    Tom Lumen live at the Rainbow Culture Palace, Kaposvar Here’s a live performance of a cover song by Queen that you probably have heard … “Don’t Stop Me Now” performed here by Hungarian guitar great Tom Lumen. About 5 months or so ago, Tom was asked to perform with Tommy Emmanuel on one of Tommy’s live shows. Quite a complement indeed. I have 2 regrets about that show.. first I wasn’t there and second there wasn’t a video taken during the […]

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  • Max Godman- Ninja Guitarist

    Max Godman- Ninja Guitarist

    Max Godman performing Dear Mother, an Original Composition.. Okay, I suppose entering a contest is not such a bad thing, especially if the outcome leads you to more of an audience. In this case, the audience is you guys here, and I’m proud to say that there’s many thousands of you that come each week to check out these videos here at Acoustic Guitar Videos. I just definitely wanted to thank you all for that. The contest I’m talking about […]

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  • Pat Flynn- What He’s Up To Now

    Pat Flynn- What He’s Up To Now

    Remember Acoustic Guitarist Pat Flynn? New Grass Revival, “Best Acoustic Guitarist” 5 years in a row in in the 80′s in Frets magazine. But with all the accolades this great guitarist has had which also includes some extensive Nashville session work and song writing credits such as  “Do What You Gotta Do” that was also recorded by Garth Brooks, Pat Flynn these days is not shall we say “making the waves” he once used to in the music industry. Does […]

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  • Soenke Meinen & Philipp Wiechert  – Smooth Criminal

    Soenke Meinen & Philipp Wiechert – Smooth Criminal

     Sönke Meinen & Philipp Wiechert : Smooth Criminal Beautiful live performance of the German duo “Die Philisöphen” aka and Sönke Meinen & Philipp Wiechert . They recorded this video very recently in Dresden while playing a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. Even if it is not a purely acoustic performance, still it is definitely worth posing on AGV. More information about these two guitarists are available at the following links: http://www.facebook.com/philisoephen/ http://www.facebook.com/soenkemeinenmusic/ http://www.philippwiechert.de/ http://www.soenkemeinen.com/ Additional songs on Amazon by this duo” […]

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