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  • Strunz & Farah: Speed acousting picking

    Strunz & Farah: Speed acousting picking

    Strunz and Farah play together since 1979. This untitled video has been recorded in Puerto Rico last year. The duo mixes flamenco, klezmer, eastern music, with impressive technical skills and very good musical taste. On wikipedia I’ve found that “Jorge Strunz, born in Costa Rica, and Ardeshir Farah, hailing from Iran, met in the United States in 1979. Jorge Strunz was one of the founders of the Latin jazz band Caldera. Caldera was a Latin band that combined jazz, funk and rock […]

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  • Rory Block Plays The Blues

    Rory Block Plays The Blues

    Here is American guitarist Rory Block playing live “Cross Road Blues” by Robert Johnson, which was released in her album “The Lady and Mr. Johnson” (2006). Some information about Rory taken from wikipedia: “Aurora Block was born in Princeton and grew up in Manhattan. Her father, Allan Block, ran a sandal shop in Greenwich Village in the 1960s, and the influence of the Greenwich Village folk music scene, such as Peter Rowan, Maria Muldaur, and John Sebastian, tempted Block to […]

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  • Francesco Buzzurro: Effortless Virtuoso

    Francesco Buzzurro: Effortless Virtuoso

    We featured already Sicilian guitarist Francesco Buzzurro in a previous post. He is specialized in elaborated renditions of latin tunes. In this video is his beautiful rendition of “Manhã de Carnaval” (by Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfá and lyricist Antônio Maria). He makes look things very easy, despite the very demanding arrangement By Miche Archetto

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