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  • Simon Wahl: a young German talent

    Simon Wahl: a young German talent

    Simon Wahl from Bonn, Germany, plays here his original composition “Auf Geht’s”. There are many other interesting videos in his youtube channel. Here is a short bio taken from his official website “Simon Wahl was born in 1989 in Bonn, Germany. At the tender age of thirteen, after having already played trombone for many years, he discovered the classical guitar which he then went on to learn in the Bonner Musikschule under the supervision and mentorship of Helli Gattung. In addition to […]

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  • National Fingerstyle Champion Performs “Superstition”

    National Fingerstyle Champion Performs “Superstition”

    Here is Pete Huttlinger playing live his impressive rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. Pete is a great guitar player, in 2000 He won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. This video has been recorded after he recovered from a major stroke in 2010 and a massive heart failure in 2011. This other video tells more about the “personal story of struggles I’ve faced and worked through or learned to accept as they were”, as he […]

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  • Tommy Emmanuel x 3

    If there was more than one Tommy Emmanuel Recently Tommy Emmanuel uploaded on his youtube channel a series of videos of him playing different parts at the same time. Here is for example an acoustic version of “From The Hip”, originally played on  electric in his album “Determination” (1991). A completely different style and mood in this other video, where he plays “Hellos and Goodbyes”, written for the album “The Journey”, which went double platinum in Australia and won the Aria award […]

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