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  • Glenn Campbell burns up Gentle On My Mind

    Glenn Campbell burns up Gentle On My Mind

    Sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the great players of the recent past. .. one of them being Glenn Campbell who got his start as a studio guitarist and made his way to the pop country spotlight singing songs like John Hartford’s  “Gentle On My Mind.” There’s no info on this clip, but it’s looking like a CMT (Country Music Television) out of Nashville TN. One thing that is of note that I think you will agree… The technology […]

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  • Bjørn Berge: Mad fingers

    Bjørn Berge: Mad fingers

    Norwegian guitarist and singer Bjørn Berge plays here “Mad Fingers Ball”, one of the five instrumental songs and the title track of his new album. The guitar is a Cole Clark Fatlady 2A, and he has also a 12 string version of the same instrument. Here is some information taken from his official website: “After having released a total of ten studio albums of which two have won a Grammy (“Stringmachine” in 2001 and “Illustrated Man” in 2002), Bjørn Berge is going […]

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  • Caravan performed by Doyle Dykes

    Caravan performed by Doyle Dykes

    Here’s a video by guitar great Doyle Dyles from workshop at Middletown Music (Delaware) 16.July.2013 If you “dig” this, share it and like it!!  

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  • Stephanie Jackson: Dream On

    Stephanie Jackson: Dream On

    Stephanie Jackson, from Memphis TN, plays here her arrangement of Aerosmiths’ “Dream on”. “Stephanie Jackson is an eclectic musician who uses her guitar to express heartfelt melodies from a variety of genres. At the offset of each performance, she engages the audience with her love of music displayed in her unique, captivating sound.    Born & raised in Memphis, TN, where her mother sang opera and taught piano lessons in the home, Stephanie  started playing the piano as a toddler […]

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  • Guitar Tricks Review: Better Than Private Instruction?

    Guitar Tricks Review: Better Than Private Instruction?

    Guitar Tricks Review: After a couple months of exploring on the internet, Acoustic Guitar Videos has chosen what we consider the perfect alternative to private lessons (of course without all the expense) We are proud to now offer lessons through GuitarTricks.com, the online leader in beginner/ intermediate/advanced guitar instruction. Now I must tell you, I took a bunch of courses online these last months and to be honest, they were all actually pretty good. In fact, I would say that in most cases you […]

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  • Maneli Jamal: The Long Journey Towards Home

    Maneli Jamal: The Long Journey Towards Home

    Once again, Maneli Jamal shows us why he’s one of the top fingerstyle guitarist on the circuit today. This song entitled “ Movement IV- Alleviation” is not only well played, but a memorable composition that I have now come to expect from this fine guitarist. Maneli, who has moved around a lot, is now based in Canada, but I see him doing a lot of traveling and a busy guitar schedule. Hey, when do you find the time to record all […]

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  • Edgar Cruz: Acoustic Blues

    Edgar Cruz: Acoustic Blues

    Here is American guitarist Edgar Cruz from Oklahoma City playing live his original composition “Bricktown Blues”. Edgar gained popularity over the internet with some covers of famous tunes including “Bohemian Rhapsody“, “Hotel California” “Malagueña” and “La Bamba“. “Cruz’s career began when he followed in his father Manuel Cruz’ footsteps playing for restaurant customers as a strolling guitarist. His marketing strategy was taken from his father who said, “play what your audience wants and they’ll pay you well”. Each year Edgar […]

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  • Robot Guitarist With 78 Fingers Performs with “Power Trio”

    Robot Guitarist With 78 Fingers Performs with “Power Trio”

    So you think that humans can’t be replaced? Well here’s a video that I found that features robots playing … The music almost reminds me of the Dixie Dregs, although Robots playing it of course. All things considered, the music is not entirely stiff as I would expect, perhaps a little too electronic sounding but hey, with a few band rehearsals I’m sure they can loosen up a bit?. So can you ask a robot to play with soul, or […]

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  • Daryl Kellie: Bohemian Rhapsody on Acoustic Guitar

    Daryl Kellie: Bohemian Rhapsody on Acoustic Guitar

    English guitarist Daryl Kellie does a great job here with his acoustic cover of “Bohemain Rhapsody”, by Queen. Here is the bio found on his official website “Daryl Kellie is one of today’s finest acoustic guitarists, citing influences from Metallica to John Coltrane. He has a unique style, rich in unusual techniques rarely seen on the guitar. Eager to learn guitar from the age of 8, Daryl finally got his chance 4 years later when the Kellie family moved house and to […]

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  • Craig D’Andrea: Fingerstyle Champion

    Craig D’Andrea: Fingerstyle Champion

    Craig D’Andrea, from Riverside CT, plays here is original called “Bird Feeder Politics” from his CD “Craig D’Andrea …and the B.L.T’.s” (2011). This relaxing piece is an example how modern percussive techniques doesn’t necessary implies hectic paces. According to his official website, the tuning for this tune is CGCGCE. This is the bio taken from Craig’s Facebook page: “Craig D’Andrea is one of the younger faces you will find on the acoustic guitar scene but he isn’t playing like he’s 23 years old. […]

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  • Advanced Blues Lesson

    Advanced Blues Lesson

    Free Video Guitar Lesson Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts by Hanspeter Kruesi of GuitarTricks.com Instructor: Hanspeter Kruesi Speciality: Blues, Jazz and Touch Technique Website: GuitarTricks.com This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows how you can play 3 different scales on any 12 bar or other blues. The blues pattern I use here has the following chord progression: D / D / D / D G / G / D / D A / G / […]

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  • Estas Tonne: Taking It To The Street

    Estas Tonne: Taking It To The Street

    Estas Tonne – RUMBADIOSA – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2013 “The Performance of “RUMBADIOSA” by the amazing guitar player Estas Tonne at the Buskers Festival Stadtspektakel in Landshut at 14th of September 2013 in the Old Town Residence.” Video: Sony HDR-CX550 Sound: Estas Tonne I read some of the YouTube descriptions and some of the comments were asking why Estas Tonne wasn’t famous? Some people that knew him commented that he “didn’t want it that way”…. Well, Estas does get a lot […]

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  • Marcel Mokbel: No need to hide

    Marcel Mokbel: No need to hide

     Marcel Morkbel is a young German guitarist. In this nice video he entertains his friends with his composition “No need to hide”, based on a C#AC#F#AE tuning. His is influenced by guitarists like Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Andy Mckee, Maneli Jamal, Dianji Estevez, and Craig D’Andrea. Marcel debuted in 2012 with the album entitled “close your eyes”. Here is the video from the title track of his album: http://youtu.be/GbLkElYCMxA By MIche Archetto

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  • Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Acoustic Guitar

    Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Acoustic Guitar

    Andrea Valeri: These Boots are made for Walking by Bob Harris We’ve featured guitarist Andrea Valeri before on Acoustic Guitar Videos… But here’s a cover song on acoustic that was a big hit for Nancy Sinatra back in the 60′s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” Yes, Sinatra as in Frank… Nancy as in Frank’s daughter. Well here’s a quick personal story about Frank and Nancy… hope you don’t mind. My publisher at the time (Billy Strange) who worked with […]

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  • RafQu: A dream became true

    RafQu: A dream became true

    A few years ago RafQu switched from electric guitar to acoustic guitar. A big source of inspiration for his choice has been the website fingerpicking.net, and the related youtube channel, featuring a lot of great acoustic guitar players that we posted also on AGV. In these last years, one of the dream of RafQu has been to be featured together with his guitar heroes in that site. Well, his work didn’t pass unnoticed, and last December he recorded for fingerpicking.net the video of […]

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  • Tobias Rauscher: Boogie Jam

    Tobias Rauscher: Boogie Jam

    We have already featured this fine German guitarist one year ago. Tobias Rauscher plays here his original called “Boogie Jam”. Even if Tobias likes to experiment with many different tunings, this piece is in standard tuning. He makes extensive use of modern percussive techniques, tapping, and natural harmonics, but the result is everything but gimmick. Everything is focused on producing an enjoyable melody. Tobias is having a good success over the internet: more than 30,000 youtube subscribers and more than 11,000 likes on facebook. By […]

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  • Diknu Schneeberger Trio- Hot Gypsy Jazz

    Diknu Schneeberger Trio- Hot Gypsy Jazz

    Diknu Schneeberger Trio-Moonflower Here’s an example of a video that has a lot of views (50,000+) but was still difficult to locate (in other words, it didn’t just jump out as I was digging for vids). The playing here by the trio of guitarist Diknu Schneeberger, guitarist Martin Spitzer, and bassist Joschi Schneeberger is no less than fantastic… I’m sure the folks hearing this live at the club (somewhere in Germany?) were beyond thrilled. But who are these guys? Once again, the YouTube […]

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  • Ethan Ballinger: Something in Between

    Ethan Ballinger: Something in Between

    Ethan Ballinger “Merle’s Boogie Woogie” Mandolinist and guitarist Ethan Ballinger from Nashville TN plays here what is called a “tenor guitar“, kind of a hybrid between an acoustic guitar and a mandolin, usually tuned in fifths like most of 4-string instruments. The tune in this live video is called “a“, and Ethan shows here all his flatpicking skills, with also some clear manouche influence. I took a some information about Ethan Ballinger from his official website: “Spending his childhood growing up around bluegrass […]

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