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  • Tommy Emmanuel: Fingerstyle Only

    Tommy Emmanuel: Fingerstyle Only

    The Artist: William Thomas “Tommy” Emmanuel (born 31 May 1955) is an Australian virtuoso guitarist and occasional singer, best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. In the May 2008 and 2010 issues of Guitar Player Magazine, he was named as “Best Acoustic Guitarist” in their readers’ poll. In June 2010 Emmanuel was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). Two-time GRAMMY nominee Tommy Emmanuel is one of […]

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  • Badi Assad”  A New Definition of Bar(re)

    Badi Assad” A New Definition of Bar(re)

    “Badi Assad (born 23 December 1966) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist in the jazz and worldbeat genres. Assad was born in São João da Boa Vista in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, but lived in Rio de Janeiro until he was twelve. Assad studied classical guitar at the University of Rio de Janeiro and won the Young Instrumentalists Contest in Rio de Janeiro in 1984. In 1986, she joined the Guitar Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro, […]

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  • Pino Forastiere: No Reason To Play Fast

    Pino Forastiere: No Reason To Play Fast

    My guitar pal Gary Reed sent this video of  Pino Forastiere to me. Well, I have not have heard of Pino Forastiere, who had this video out for quite some time  (2011) on the Candyrat label. This vid so far has received over 93,000 views and I wasn’t one of them. Of course, if this is something put out by Rob Poland of CandyRat, well, I always expect something excellent. Sure enough, this is not only excellent but quite different […]

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  • Tom Lumen – New Song “Five Years”

    Tom Lumen – New Song “Five Years”

    A couple of months ago I went to the post office and received a fantastic guitar album by this guitarist named Tom Lumen from Hungary. Well, it’s still in the car and I’m still listening. What I like about Tom Lumen‘s playing is, he’s doing all the things that I personally can connect to as a fellow guitarist. He’s using both his fingers and a flatpick at the same time (which is something I do from time to time) and […]

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  • The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg

    The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg

    “The Power of Acoustic Guitar” What do young guitarists do in Hamburg Germany? Well some of them have joined the Youth Guitar Orchestra which is a very organized group of talented players. Here’s a video from a live show which features snippets of their evening. Many of the songs you will recognize…pop and other standards. Here the YouTube description translated to English from German. “Wth “JGOH unplugged – The Power of Acoustic Guitar” The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg (JGOH) presented on […]

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  • Billy McLaughlin: Dystonia forces Guitarist to Play Left Handed

    Billy McLaughlin: Dystonia forces Guitarist to Play Left Handed

    American guitarist Billy McLaughlin plays here his composition “Fingerdance” together with a string quartet. Quite an enjoyable combination of sounds. Now, after watching this video, you will hardly believe that Billy used to be a right-handed guitarist before switching to left-handed in 2004. Here is his incredible story of as found in his official website “The Past – A serious professional in his teens, McLaughlin left his home and rock band in Minneapolis for the University of Southern California guitar department […]

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  • Pipe & Tabor: voice and percussive guitar

    Pipe & Tabor: voice and percussive guitar

    Dean Morris shared this video on our facebook page. He is the guitarist of the “Pipe & Tabor” duo, taking care of all the accompaniment. They play here the song called “Ugly Love” By Miche Archetto    

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  • Antoine Dufour & Tommy Gauthier: Jerry’s Breakdown

    Antoine Dufour & Tommy Gauthier: Jerry’s Breakdown

    “Canadian Fingerstyle champion, Antoine Dufour having a bit of fun with Tommy Gauthier on his signature Stonebridge model guitar.” Jerry’s Breakdown has always been one of my favorite songs on guitar, and there’s a lot of great country fingerstyle guitarists that have performed this piece lights out (of course, author course Jerry’s Reed  played the you know what out of it). Now I’m not going to say that this is the most incredible version of Jerry’s Breakdown that I ever […]

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  • Kevin Ramessar: Passionate Guitar

    Kevin Ramessar: Passionate Guitar

    Here’s a fingerstyle guitarist by the name of Kevin Ramessar playing and testing a Stonebridge Guitar. The guitar itself sounds nice but the recording has a bit of rumble from improper mic placement. No worries though, Kevin Ramessar is an excellent guitarist that is well know in guitar circles as a very passionate player.   “A two-time winner of First Place for guitar at the Canadian Music Competitions, Kevin has delighted listeners and critics with music that is “passionate,” “beautifully contemplative,” and […]

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  • Roger Schmidt: Reaching for a Beautiful Melody

    Roger Schmidt: Reaching for a Beautiful Melody

    Yea, this is not the most amazing fingerstyle guitar that you will ever hear, but it sure is just about the most beautiful. This song that guitarist Roger Schmidt is playing here entitled “Reaching” is something I think a lot of fingerstyle guitarists would want to play because it’s just well, you know, so beautiful. So I went to find out who the author of this song was and I came to find out that it was written by Roger […]

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  • Eric Seehof: New tune on a new guitar

    Eric Seehof: New tune on a new guitar

    We have already featured Eric Seehof in this post and also in this other one. A few months ago he received a new guitar, and he tested it in here with a new composition called “Stalker”. The guitar has a very nice tone, but it is always also about the player. By Miche Archetto

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  • Jonathan Lane- Imagines Imagine (John Lennon)

    Jonathan Lane- Imagines Imagine (John Lennon)

    Here’s guitarist/singer Jonathan Lane with John Lennon’s “Imagine” or should I say, a remnant of the original, as this is what I’d call completely different except, he’s using the original words (but changing the chords and the melody completely). Jonathan Lane’s version is a much more sorrowful song with the sad minor chords- it’s almost as if it’s a last ditch plea for human sanity instead of Lennon’s hopeful melody. Jonathan is almost saying,, is there ever going to be […]

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  • Luigi Milanese: Unique Fingerstyle

    Luigi Milanese: Unique Fingerstyle

    Luigi Milanese is a fine Italian guitarist which plays almost any kind of music. In this nice video he plays “Flowers of Lust”, from his last album “Equinox” here is a short bio: “Luigi Milanese is a guitarist, composer and performer from Genoa, Italy. He studied guitar and music composition at the “Antonio Vivaldi” State Conservatory of Music in Alessandria, Italy and is teaching guitar in the state school of music in Santa Margherita Ligure – Portofino, Genoa.      Luigi […]

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  • Alberto Goicoechea – Tango en Skai (Roland Dyens)

    Alberto Goicoechea – Tango en Skai (Roland Dyens)

    This is some fine playing here by guitarist Alberto Goicoechea who was very difficult to find any bio material on other than this YouTube description. I’m sure some of you won’t appreciate the dancing in this vid but, this is a big part of the tradition of this music. Guitar playing of course is first rate). Here’s some description…. “Here playing the Tango en Sky by Dyens with an Argentinian couple (Ezequiel Herrera Petrakis and Maria Antonieta Tuozzo):  Composición original: Roland […]

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  • August Rex: Flaming Tune

    August Rex: Flaming Tune

    Here’s something a little different. Guitarist August Rex has put together a video which also features not only his solo guitar playing, but backing tracks which also includes another lead guitar, a rhythm guitar and bass. (hey, he’s probably playing it all!) Very nice gypsy/ South American style playing here that is more melodic than anything which is something a lot of you here will really appreciate. Here’s what August wrote in and said about his stuff: Hi theree! I […]

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  • Marek PASIECZNY: VARIATIONS to Brad Mehldau

    Marek PASIECZNY: VARIATIONS to Brad Mehldau

    My friend Jay Tolbert shared this video with me. It’s a very impressionist performance by Marek Pasieczny. Jay, I”m with you… love hearing this kind of composition and playing. Here’s more info:   “SCORE: http://pasieczny.com/scores/ WAV | FLAC | CD, MP3:http://goo.gl/BGBhlG  According to Stephen King – a good book cannot in its entirety “consciously” come into being, but it also cannot be written completely “by hand”. The writer should concentrate on the single “seed” and let “it” lead the way in which […]

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  • Montreal Guitar Trio – Garam Masala

    Montreal Guitar Trio – Garam Masala

    I think you will like this clip from the 2011 Edition of the Canadian Guitar Festival featuring the Montreal Guitar Trio. “When it comes to bridging diverse genres of music, the MG3, which CBC described as “the hottest guitar ensemble in Canada,” has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. For more than 13 years, the trio’s virtuosity, rigor, creativity, and dynamic stage presence — they are noted for the wit and warmth of their interactions with audiences — […]

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  • Eddie van der Meer: Game of Thrones Theme Song

    Eddie van der Meer: Game of Thrones Theme Song

    Here’s some really fine fingerstyle that has a sizable amount of views already (56,000+) Is it the song that is giving it all the juice, the great playing by Eddie van der Meer, or both? (I’ll let you decide) “Playing the Game of Thrones Theme on the Iron Throne, Tabs Available! http://bit.ly/GameofThronesThemeTab This is my arrangement of the Game of Thrones Main Theme Song, I recorded this on the Iron Throne this during the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Amsterdam. Big […]

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  • Luis Carlos Barbieri I believe

    Luis Carlos Barbieri I believe

    Okay, sometimes I just got to wonder if it’s me or the other guy. In this case I’m not really sure who the other guy actually is.. Usually in Classical, the composer gets all the glory. So that would mean the composer is indeed Luis Carlos Barbieri So who is  Fred Schneiter? And when you go through more of this fine videos from this channel entitled Conversa de Violão, you start to see other names. My guess is that the […]

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  • Rafaelo Sau: With Or Without You (U2)

    Rafaelo Sau: With Or Without You (U2)

    When I first hit the play button on this vid, I thought it looked a little odd the way that Rafaelo Sau was holding the guitar. And then I heard a high note and saw his left hand down at the bottom of the fretboard and thought… oh no… But guess what? He’s hitting harmonics up there at the 12th fret so.. hence the weird looking position he’s holding the guitar in. This big U2 song “With or Without You” […]

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  • Adam Palma – Fylde guitar and Some New Toys

    Adam Palma – Fylde guitar and Some New Toys

    Here’s a brand new vid by Adam Palma who is obviously psyched to have a new guitar along with some new effect pedals which also includes a looper (you will get to see him use it here). Adam wrote the following: ” Yesterday, I played a bit with my new toys: my new beautiful Fylde guitar and TC Electronics’ Polytune, Reverb and Ditto Looper. Here is a song that came up after a while, I called it ” Into Battle” […]

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  • Jim Marino Ain’t Misbehavin Ala Les Paul

    Jim Marino Ain’t Misbehavin Ala Les Paul

    Here’s a guitarist that has been here with me at the inception of Acoustic Guitar Videos… Jim Marino Now with a video of his own! It’s the pop song “Ain’t Misbehavin” which of course was a big pop standard way back when. Jim is doing a few things in this video that make the song somewhat different. First, he’s performing it with Merle Travis style picking, which is not really the rhythm of the song but sounds great in this […]

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  • Andrés Godoy – Left Hand That Does It All

    Andrés Godoy – Left Hand That Does It All

    By Bob Harris: “Dears friends, I share a new video with yours, which was recorded a year ago and that is part of my instructional book about my technique Tatap. A hug from Chile. Andrés.” Thanks for this Andres… There’s obviously a lot to say about Andres with the rise above the disability and that of course is going to give him added attention. Then there’s other things such as the tapping style of guitar which is a “borderline style” […]

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  • LAVA: Spanish Groove

    LAVA: Spanish Groove

    By Miche Archetto:   The (now defunct) group LAVA performs here “Aguilera” from the album, ‘Taraba’ They are Howard Haigh – spanish guitar, Guy Morris – guitar, Xtof Lheureux – percussion, Dave Shooter – bass.  More information can be found on the website http://www.lavamusic.co.uk/   Thanks to Howard Haigh for sharing this video on our facebook page.   If you like this video, don’t miss the opportunity of sharing it with your friends!

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  • Timothy Baker: Blackberry Blossom ala Tony

    Timothy Baker: Blackberry Blossom ala Tony

    Here’s young guitarist Timothy Baker (who is also a fine singer, or I should say he’s a fine singer that also plays really good guitar) with the bluegrass standard Blackberry Blossom. Timothy is obviously a fan (and student) of Tony Rice, but with this rendition, hey doesn’t copy note per note Tony’s exact version. One thing that I’ve seen Tony do on the E- B progression is play the notes up the neck which is a lot easier to do […]

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  • Bruskers Duo: Soundtracks on acoustic guitars

    Bruskers Duo: Soundtracks on acoustic guitars

    By Miche Archetto: Here is the Bruskers Duo playing a theme that is very famous in Italy: the soundtrack of a TV series of about Pinocchio produced by the Italian national TV in the 70s. In their official website I’ve found that “Eugenio Polacchini and Matteo Minozzi, the Bruskers Guitar Duo, have been defined “two leading figures in the motley world of guitar” and “a source of inspiration for guitarists”. Molded by the classical (Eugenio) and modern (Matteo) music worlds, they use […]

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  • Janet Noguera: Harmonic Tapping

    Janet Noguera: Harmonic Tapping

    By Miche Archetto: Janet Noguera is studying guitar at the University of California in Santa Cruz. This is her second composition and the first video she uploaded to youtube a few days ago, and had already almost 10,000 views in 5 days. She has been already noticed by guitar players like Kaki King and Andy McKee.

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  • Guy Buttery – SAMA Award Winner for Best Instrumental

    Guy Buttery – SAMA Award Winner for Best Instrumental

    Guitarist Guy Buttery wrote the following:   “hey there, i hope all is well. just thought i’d send along a video or two which you may just like” Well, I do like it, and think that a lot of you here at Acoustic Guitar Videos are going to enjoy this as well.  I wouldn’t say that this is what I’d call super hot guitar pickin’, no, but it’s nice and easy and well executed. Guy is also blending in other elements in […]

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  • Lenny Breau: – A Turn For the Better

    Lenny Breau: – A Turn For the Better

    There’s no video here, but check out Lenny Breau playing Jerry Reed’s tune, The Claw. I guess Lenny just couldn’t help himself midway through the tune… Serious turn. Pretty cool how he finds his way back! Do check out more vids (we’re nearing 1000!!) at Acoustic Guitar Videos by category, using the search bar or by scrolling down the home page. Lots of fun and informative reviews and information.  

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