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  • Jon Gomm- Tuners on Guitar

    Jon Gomm- Tuners on Guitar

    If you are familiar with 5 string banjo, you will hear this and perhaps have the same reaction that I did. Jon Gomm put Scruggs or Keith tuners on his guitar! But before you turn this on and expect something like Flint Hill Special, no, no, this is totally different. And perhaps Jon didn’t even know of Earl Scruggs, Bill Keith or the Flint Hill Special? The tuners on Jon’s guitar have a way to set them to two different […]

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  • Marc Playle: Talent Overcomes

    Marc Playle: Talent Overcomes

    By Miche Archetto: Here is English guitarist Marc Playle in his first attempt to play some gypsy jazz. Quite a good one I would say! When he was a teen he took interest in playing guitar. After different experiments he finally came up with a very effective tool that, together with his indisputable talent, enabled him to be a professional musician today. This is the  bio in his official website: “Marc Playle was born in South Shields, England, UK on September […]

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  • Rob Johnson: Playing On A Sofa

    Rob Johnson: Playing On A Sofa

    By Miche Archetto: Rob Johnson shared this video on our facebook page, asking what we think about it. Well, I think it deserves for sure to be posted on AGV! Here he plays his composition called “Eve”. Here is some information taken from his official website “Rob Johnson is a musician from London. His latest album ‘Throw The Sun Into The Sea’ is the follow up to his debut 2009 release, ‘Upon a Painted Ocean’ -labelled as “an instrumental album of positively […]

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  • Walk off the Earth: 5 Musicians and 1 Guitar

    Walk off the Earth: 5 Musicians and 1 Guitar

    By Miche Archetto: Gina Ardis shared on our facebook page this video, featuring the Canadian group “Walk off the Earth” playing together one acoustic guitar while singing “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. This is what I’ve found on their official website: “Walk Off The Earth is an unconventional, multi-talented five-piece musical phenomena that is currently taking the world by storm. Based in Burlington, Ontario (just outside of Toronto), their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used […]

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  • Andreas Varady: A Child Prodigy

    Andreas Varady: A Child Prodigy

    By Miche Archetto: Okay, this is not completely acoustic, but for sure not heavily processed sound and worth watching. Here is Martin Taylor playing with then 13 years old Andreas Varady. Andreas started playing at the age of 4 and released his first album when he was 10, he got the front cover of Guitar Player magazine at the age of 13. Presently he is managed by Quincy Jones. On wikipedia you can find that: “Andreas Varady (born 24 July 1997) is […]

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  • Jimmy Rosenberg and “The Gypsy Kids”

    Jimmy Rosenberg and “The Gypsy Kids”

    By Miche Archetto: Here is Jimmy Rosenberg when he was about 9 years old, playing with Falko Reinhart and Sani van Mullum in a Dutch gipsy camp. They were featured as “The Gipsy Kids” in a documentary of Channel 4 in 1990. The full documentary is available on youtube, but unfortunately only in French and in Dutch. This is what I’ve found about Jimmy on wikipedia : “Joseph (Jimmy) Rosenberg (born 10 April 1980 in Helmond) is a Sinto-Romani guitarist from Netherlands, known for his virtuoso […]

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  • Les Paul At The Iridium With Tommy Emmanuel

    Les Paul At The Iridium With Tommy Emmanuel

    You got to give Les Paul a lot of credit. For a lot of things… related to the guitar and recording of course. Take for example his invention of the “Chipmunks.” Not too many people know that his sped up tape machine was responsible for that. At the end of his career, Les played a gig every Monday night in New York City at the “Iridium,” a somewhat small but always packed house that ended up being a place that […]

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  • Horea Pauna: Self Taught Talent

    Horea Pauna: Self Taught Talent

    By Miche Archetto: Horea is a big fan of Ewan Dobson, and he learned some of Ewan’s music by ear. Here is his rendition of “Paganini’s Hip”, and in his youtube channel you can find some more videos. From what I’ve found on the web, Horea is completely self-taught and he is studying at the Collège Lionel-Groulx in Quebec, where last February he won the local vocational performing contest with his guitar playing.

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  • Fan Shi Long: An Old Man in a Kids Body

    Fan Shi Long: An Old Man in a Kids Body

    “Int. Gitarren Festival Velbert Juni 2012  Fan Shi Long / China Sieger der Altersgruppe 1 Musikschule Velbert” Okay…. Got to wonder why after a year this super guitar kid from China named Fan Shi Long or Shi Long Fan (I’ll get to that in a moment) only has 1,700 + views on YouTube for this performance? This is hard to understand for me. This kid has got such a wonderful flow.. The timing and tone is just so impeccable here… And […]

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  • Isabella Selder Performs Paganini

    Isabella Selder Performs Paganini

    “19-year old German guitarist Isabella Selder interprets Sonata op.3/1 by Niccolò Paganini. The concert took place in Gitarrenatelier Stickroth, Augsburg in July 2009.” A video of Isabella at 7 years old was my introduction to her playing. This however is absolutely beautiful mature playing and, she’s still only 19 (I consider that a kid still!). Some of the runs here are just fabulous … real knuckle breakers, especially towards the end of the piece. What is she up to at […]

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  • Ana Vidovic: The Makings of a Virtuoso

    Ana Vidovic: The Makings of a Virtuoso

    By Miche Archetto: This is a very young Ana Vidovic playing “Feste Lariane” by Luigi Mozzani. Even though the piece itself is not virtuosistic, you will agree that Ana mastered already the fretboard of her full-size classical guitar despite her small fingers. I found very impressive the tone and the cleanness of all notes she plays. We have already feature Ana Vidovic before in this video and also in this other one. If you liked this video don’t forget to share it with your […]

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  • Sönke Meinen: Finding His Voice

    Sönke Meinen: Finding His Voice

    By Miche Archetto: When we posted this other video last April, Sönke commented the post and wrote: “I´m writing many new solo tunes, which are a little different from this. It has more classical and percussive influences, but its still groovy fingerstyle (most of the time…). While studying “Acoustic Guitar” at the University in Dresden, it´s all about finding your own voice on the instrument. There will be some first videos of the new stuff on youtube in August!  Thank you so […]

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  • Jeremy Jouve: Spanish Style Classical

    Jeremy Jouve: Spanish Style Classical

    Some really sweet guitar playing here by 2003 GFA winner Jermy Jouve. This was recorded live at Eybens France which is a small town where he was born. Here’s the YouTube description which pretty much sums it all up here:   “Over the past few years Jeremy’s concert program has become oriented towards 20th century European music. With this particular concert Jeremy has endeavored to illustrate his interest in this music by performing works from four European composers of different […]

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  • Antonio Forcione for Nelson Mandela

    Antonio Forcione for Nelson Mandela

    By Miche Archetto: Her is Antonio Forcuione playing libe his composition “Madiba’s Jive” dedicated to Nelson Mandela, first published the album “Sketches of Africa”. Here is Antonio’s bio from his official website: “The award-winning Antonio Forcione, acoustic guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and talented artist, is a highly charismatic and inventive performer.  He breaks the mould of most conventional, popular guitar sounds, be it in the field of jazz, Spanish, African, Brazilian or improvised music.  International tours have brought high critical acclaim […]

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  • Tesla: Unplugged Pioneers

    Tesla: Unplugged Pioneers

    By Miche Archetto:   In July 1990 the hard rock group Tesla, then at the peak of their success, gave a charity concert in Philadelphia. They chose an acoustic setup instead of the usual heavily electric gear. The concert was such a success that it was then released as a new album entitled “Five men acoustical jam”. Here is the acoustical rendition of their success “Before my eyes”, first appeared in their debut album “Mechanical resonance”. According to wikipedia, this […]

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  • John Renbourn: A Guitar Legend

    John Renbourn: A Guitar Legend

    By Miche Archetto: English acoustic guitar legend John Renbourn plays here his famous song “Sweet Potato”, first relaeased in the album “Sir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene Knyghte” (1968). Here is the interesting bio you can find at his official website “THE EARLY YEARS I was born in Marylebone, London in 1944, right at the end of the War. My Mother played light-classical pieces on the piano, which also served as the family bomb-shelter during the air […]

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  • Doc Watson & Jack Lawrence- Black Mountain Rag

    Doc Watson & Jack Lawrence- Black Mountain Rag

    The Youtube description says the following: “Doc Watson – 1991 – Black Mountain Rag. I’ve included Doc’s introduction and explanation of his background with this particular tune. I’ve always loved the interesting anecdote that Doc developed his now legendary flatpicking style while playing a Les Paul (electric solid body guitar) while he was playing in a Rockabilly band in the 1950′s. Additionally, I’ve heard that he actually didn’t even own an acoustic guitar at that time.  It’s interesting that this […]

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  • Christian Laborde: 7-String Rag

    Christian Laborde: 7-String Rag

    By Miche Archetto: Here is French guitarist Christian Laborde playing his composition “Domi’s Rag” on a 7-string “Newbird” by luthier Julien Regnier. I’ve found a bio of Christian in French, and here is a rough translation: “[...] ACT II In September 1974, he entered the National Conservatory of Toulouse as others come into religion. He remained there until 1979, when he opened a Guitar school in Agen called “Finger Picking.”  Alsofan of traditional music, he took part for more than three years to the group […]

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  • Bernard Revel: Medieval Inspiration

    Bernard Revel: Medieval Inspiration

    By Miche Archetto: We have already featured Bernard Revel in a previous post. Beside electric, acoustic and classical guitar Bernard studied ancient music and lute. His composition “Prince de Gascogne” is clearly inspired by medieval music and here is nicely rendered on his Lowden guitar.

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  • Scotty Anderson: Must Be From Dixie

    Scotty Anderson: Must Be From Dixie

    Scotty Anderson is here playing acoustic guitar at what looks like the NAMM show back in the 80′s (according to other videos that looked similar). After hearing this I went to his website to check out some bio info and found out that he indeed is from Dixie… Whitley City Kentucky to be exact (Kentucky is still considered part of the south or Dixie, even though it didn’t secede from the union). If you want to read some of Scotty’s […]

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