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  • Jan Laurenz: From Beartrax to Ukulele

    Jan Laurenz: From Beartrax to Ukulele

    Acoustic Guitar Videos has featured the excellent playing of Jan Laurenz before.. only on the Beartrax Guitar… What’s a Beartrax guitar you ask? Check it out here… This new video by Jan Laurenz pretty much proves that he doesn’t need a lot of strings to make a lot of music. Here’s a quick bio on Jan Laurenz… “Born in Zurich, Switzerland in February, 1975, Laurenz became interested in playing guitar at age eight after watching his sister before him. His […]

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  • Taimane Gardner: Ukulele medley

    Taimane Gardner: Ukulele medley

    Hawaiian ukulele player Taimane Gardner plays here a personal interpretation of famous tunes including Mission Impossible theme, James Bond theme and Tico Tico. This is the bio from her official website “At the age of five, Taimane picked up her first ukulele and began her future in performing. Playing on the streets of Waikiki with the beach boys, Taimane was discovered by legendary crooner, Don Ho and became a featured performer in his show. From there, her popularity grew and Taimane has […]

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  • Julien Régnier: Sultans of Swing on Ukulele

    Julien Régnier: Sultans of Swing on Ukulele

    Lutist and guitar player Julien Régnier show here a bunch of instruments he made while playing a nice cover of Dire Straits’ “Sultans of Swings” for Ukulele solo. He is also the maker of the guitar played by Christian Laborde in this other video that we shared last year. If you want to discover more about Julien and his instruments you can try using google translator on his official website, unfortunately available only in French. By Miche Archetto

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  • The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

    The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

    The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly “The Ukes perform Ennio Morricone’s classic, from the DVD ‘Anarchy in the Ukulele’, available to buy fromhttp://www.ukuleleorchestra.com Another upload of exactly this clip received over 2 million views, but was mistakenly deleted in early 2010.” Roger Bryan dropped me a note and said the following: “Are you familiar with the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain? I especially like their rendition of “The Good, The Bad And […]

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  • Herb Ohta Jr: Following Footsteps of his Famous Father

    Herb Ohta Jr: Following Footsteps of his Famous Father

    Herb Ohta Jr – “Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani” “Herb Ohta Jr performs “Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani” at The Slack Key Show Masters of Hawaiian Music on May 23, 2012 at The Napili Kai Beach Resort in Napili Bay.”   By Flip Peters: Herb Ohta Jr is following in the footsteps of his famous father, Herb Ohta Sr A/K/A Ohta-San, one of the early ‘ukulele-heros. http://www.ukulele.org/?Inductees:2004-2007:Herb_Ohta Like his dad Herb Ohta Jr plays the low G tuning, but unlike him he uses a […]

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  • John King: Chopsticks

    John King: Chopsticks

    By Flip Peters: Like all ‘ukulele enthusiasts I am in awe of Jake Shimabukuro (and his brother Bruce) and their dazzling, Flamenco-like virtuosity. At the same time there is another more delicate approach to the ‘ukulele as exemplified by the late John King. King applied the 17th century technique called Campanella to the ‘uke. This technique was based on the principal of hitting successive notes on different strings, allowing the notes to keep ringing and creating a harp-like cascading sound. […]

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  • David Lindley: Weird Instruments… Not So Weird

    David Lindley: Weird Instruments… Not So Weird

    Miche Archetto over at our facebook page shared this David Lindley video and writes the following: “David Lindley with some weird instruments” They sound good to me, weird or not. Here’s the YouTube description… “Mr. Dave gets down on two fabulous ukes made by Gordon and Char at Mya-Moe Ukuleles. First a koa baritone then Mercury Blues on a nasty lap steel resonator tenor!” I’ve always known David Lindley was a fine player, but after watching this video, I’m even more […]

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  • Jake Simabukuro – Bluegrass Ukulele – Inspired By Bela Fleck

    Jake Simabukuro – Bluegrass Ukulele – Byron Bay 2008 Well I saw the title of this video and thought… wow,  I got to check this out… The  YouTube description says: “He introduced this as being inspired by his time with Bela Fleck. There is certainly some bluegrass themes in there but like the great Bela himself, Jake doesn’t allow it to become trite or cliched.” Okay… Just this one guys opinion here but it didn’t sound that much like bluegrass […]

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  • Jake Shimabukuro: Ukulele Virtuoso

    Jake Shimabukuro: Ukulele Virtuoso

    Norm Miller shared this video with us and writes: “Forget Don Ho! This kid has single handedly made the Ukulele cool again!” Well, yea, this is not a guitar but I think you will all appreciate how good Jake Shimabukuro is on Ukulele. Really, this is not that much different than a high tuned classical nylon string guitar, but tuned in 4ths. Besides using a lot of the newer techniques similar to one’s used by fingerstyle guitarists, I really like the sounds that Jake […]

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