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  • Strunz & Farah: Speed acousting picking

    Strunz & Farah: Speed acousting picking

    Strunz and Farah play together since 1979. This untitled video has been recorded in Puerto Rico last year. The duo mixes flamenco, klezmer, eastern music, with impressive technical skills and very good musical taste. On wikipedia I’ve found that “Jorge Strunz, born in Costa Rica, and Ardeshir Farah, hailing from Iran, met in the United States in 1979. Jorge Strunz was one of the founders of the Latin jazz band Caldera. Caldera was a Latin band that combined jazz, funk and rock […]

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  • World’s Fastest Guitarist: Is It All A Hoax?

    World’s Fastest Guitarist: Is It All A Hoax?

    If you’ve been paying attention here at Acoustic Guitar Videos, you will notice that we’ve recently featured a few vids labeled “The World’s Fastest Guitarist.” Why would I post such a thing? Well because it sells big time. You can’t even imagine all the thousands of views we’ve received due to these so called “World’s Fastest Guitarist” vids! But I originally called a few of these potential frauds , (not all of them) and this video here by guitarist Morten Faerestrand is […]

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  • Even Faster Acoustic Guitar!!!

    Even Faster Acoustic Guitar!!!

    If you were tuned in yesterday, I posted a video that’s going around the internet of Vahid Iran Shahi fastest guitar ever on acoustic. Very impressive yea, but check this out… Here’s a guy (have no idea who he is) that far exceeds the 300+ BPM level…. Just pay close attention. Okay, very funny. A lot of you guys complained about Vihid’s video (byw, whatever you think, Vihid is an awesome guitarist). Guess this just proves that speed isn’t everything..

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  • Vahid Iran Shahi: Fastest Ever on Acoustic?

    Vahid Iran Shahi: Fastest Ever on Acoustic?

    Vahid Iran Shahi… Flight of the Bumblebee Acoustic We have a separate category for speed guitar here at AGV. Why?? Well whether or not we like or appreciate the speed, it is something that we as listeners judge most guitarists by…. if they have the chops… we consider them (most of the time) a great player. Guitarist Vahid Iran Shahi is a guitarist I personally haven’t heard of until Mark Noad shared this video with me. Talk about chops! Both […]

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  • Steve Morse On Acoustic.. And A Lot More

    Steve Morse On Acoustic.. And A Lot More

    Rare Steve Morse stuff This video is rare, and I’m guessing that you haven’t seen these clips of Steve Morse, especially his acoustic playing. The first part of this is Steve being interviewed, and then Steve cutting into some acoustic guitar. What a treat! The host is rude,,, cuts him off right in the middle of it and that video is over. The next video is Steve performing with Van Romaine (drummer that I have recorded with) and Dave LeRue, […]

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  • John McLaughlin: Speeding On The Acoustic

    John McLaughlin: Speeding On The Acoustic

    John McLaughlin Solo Guitar Recorded August 30, 1981 St. Goarshausen, Germany. There’s a lot of people that don’t necessarily appreciate  ”Speed Guitar” but then again,,, there’s a lot of you that do. But to be a successful guitarist, you have to be able to do it all… you know, play slow, play melodies, play with feeling, and play fast. Well John McLaughlin for the longest time that I can recall, was (is) perhaps the sheer fastest on the acoustic- able to […]

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  • Bako Jovanović: fastest guitarist in the East

    Bako Jovanović: fastest guitarist in the East

    BAKO JOVANOVIC tamburica fest deronje 2011 By Miche Archetto: Here is Serbian guitar player Bako Jovanović playing in a music festival in Serbia. He is playing in a traditional “Tamburitsa orchestra”, made of tamburitsa stringed instruments of different sizes covering all octaves from bass to mandolin (more information available on wikipedia). In particular Bako is playing a “bugarija” or “kontra”, which has five strings, the bottom pair are D, the middle string is A and the top two are tuned F# and […]

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  • Jake Workman – Fastest Flatpick In The West

    Jake Workman – Fastest Flatpick In The West

    Jake Workman – Big Mon When I turned on this video and first heard the click (which I’m guessing is about 180) I thought- wow, this guy is gonna blow a vein in his head. Well, Jake Workman may have set the “Big Mon” world speed record with this video and, we all know how important that is (Guinness Book of World Records should have a category for this)…. I know a lot of you are gonna think and even […]

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  • Buster B. Jones: “LE MACHINE GUN”

    Buster B. Jones: “LE MACHINE GUN”

    Buster B. Jones: Le Machine Gun You need to watch this whole video because it’s probably one of the most impressive displays of fingerpicking that you will ever see. Is he as good as his mentors Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed? Well, you be the judge. Buster has incorporated all of their styles into his-  the result is a hybrid style that additionally features much faster melodic runs and riffs than his mentors. He says that the speed thing happened […]

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  • Shootout: World’s Fastest Guitar Player

    Shootout: World’s Fastest Guitar Player

    The last time I checked, the world’s fastest guitar player (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) was set by Tiago Della Vega with the Flight of the Bumblebee at 320 Beats Per Minute Now even at 170, it’s impressive… but just wait. Okay, I know it’s not acoustic (maybe there should be a contest for that) but Tiago is very impressive. Notice he’s got some distortion effects but it’s not overpowering. Now the next video is another world’s […]

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