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  • Alessandro Finazzo: Percussive Tango

    Alessandro Finazzo: Percussive Tango

    Italian guitar player Alessandro FInazzo plays here an original rendering of tango music based on pecussive tecniques and strumming. The result is not hyper-technical as most of percussive guitar pieces, but much more melodic. I couldn’t find any biographical information in English about Alessandro, but that he is one of the members and founders of the itailian folk group called “Bandabardò“ By Miche Archetto

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  • Darragh O’Neill: Concert Guitarist

    Darragh O’Neill: Concert Guitarist

    British guitarist Darragh O’Neill plays here his composition “Cocobolo” with clear South-American influences. Here is some information about Darragh found on his official website: “Darragh O’Neill has earned an international reputation as a brilliant guitarist and composer. His career as a performer has taken him to many of the great concert venues around the world. Highlights include Carnegie Hall New York, Wigmore Hall London, Oude Kerk Amsterdam, the Manggha Theatre in Krakow and numerous performances back home in his native Dublin’s […]

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  • August Rex- Latin Folk from Sweden

    August Rex- Latin Folk from Sweden

    Here’s Swedish guitarist August Rex whose been featured here before at Acoustic Guitar Videos. (“Flaming Tune” ).   In this new video, August superimposes himself into three guys playing instruments around a kitchen table.  How did he do that??? Guy from Sweden playing Latin music? August told me that the main idea with this melody is to come as close to the Latin folklore sound as possible, though he admits that he has  never been in any of the South […]

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  • August Rex: Flaming Tune

    August Rex: Flaming Tune

    Here’s something a little different. Guitarist August Rex has put together a video which also features not only his solo guitar playing, but backing tracks which also includes another lead guitar, a rhythm guitar and bass. (hey, he’s probably playing it all!) Very nice gypsy/ South American style playing here that is more melodic than anything which is something a lot of you here will really appreciate. Here’s what August wrote in and said about his stuff: Hi theree! I […]

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