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  • Brendan Power & Andrew White: Roots With A Twist

    Brendan Power & Andrew White: Roots With A Twist

    Brendan Power & Andrew White – Jig Jazz   The YouTube description says that the sound of this video is distorted and recommends that we go and buy the audio CD. Okay Now that I did that, this is a very cool “Jig” with some cool improvisations by guitarist Andrew White and harmonica player Brendan Power. They both stay close to the melody but also have some nice embellishments (as they call it Jig Jazz).  Sounds very much like Celtic […]

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  • Kaki King: 12 strings with Irish influences

    Kaki King: 12 strings with Irish influences

    NOOK - KAKI KING - KING PIZEL By Miche Archetto: Kaki King is an acknowledged talent of acoustic guitar. This video has been recorded about 1 month ago during a live concert in Darwin (Australia). Kaki composed this piece for her sister’s wedding, with a lot of influences from Irish folk music. Imagine a wedding with such a nice live soundtrack… Here she is playing her Veillette Acoustic Gryphon, a very small 12-string guitar, expecially designed for D tuning (equivalent to the 10th fret […]

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  • Tommy Emmanuel- Backstage Without a Thumbpick

    Tommy Emmanuel- Irish Flatpicking I’ve said this in earlier posts featuring Tommy Emmanuel- An entire website could be devoted to this genius.  It seems there’s nothing on the guitar he can’t do (except play bad)…. In this video, the scene is set backstage at a workshop in Newberry South Carolina in May 2010.  The person that shot the video says “it’s not the best  (the video) but it was just too good to keep it to myself.” Yea, a little Irish […]

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