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  • Diknu Schneeberger Trio- Hot Gypsy Jazz

    Diknu Schneeberger Trio- Hot Gypsy Jazz

    Diknu Schneeberger Trio-Moonflower Here’s an example of a video that has a lot of views (50,000+) but was still difficult to locate (in other words, it didn’t just jump out as I was digging for vids). The playing here by the trio of guitarist Diknu Schneeberger, guitarist Martin Spitzer, and bassist Joschi Schneeberger is no less than fantastic… I’m sure the folks hearing this live at the club (somewhere in Germany?) were beyond thrilled. But who are these guys? Once again, the YouTube […]

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  • August Rex: Flaming Tune

    August Rex: Flaming Tune

    Here’s something a little different. Guitarist August Rex has put together a video which also features not only his solo guitar playing, but backing tracks which also includes another lead guitar, a rhythm guitar and bass. (hey, he’s probably playing it all!) Very nice gypsy/ South American style playing here that is more melodic than anything which is something a lot of you here will really appreciate. Here’s what August wrote in and said about his stuff: Hi theree! I […]

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  • Frank Vignola & Joscho Stephan – “Minor Swing”

    Frank Vignola & Joscho Stephan – “Minor Swing”

    By Jim Weaver: Those who follow AGV posts know that Eddie Lang is one of my favorite guitarists from the 1920′s and early ’30′s, along with Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, Geeshie Wiley and Lonnie Johnson .  Eddie was an Italian-American from Philadelphia who died from a botched tonsillectomy in 1930.  By the time of his death he had recorded with Louis Armstrong, blues great Lonnie Johnson, pop music diva and movie star Ruth Etting, and crooner Bing Crosby.  It […]

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  • Jimmy Rosenberg and “The Gypsy Kids”

    Jimmy Rosenberg and “The Gypsy Kids”

    By Miche Archetto: Here is Jimmy Rosenberg when he was about 9 years old, playing with Falko Reinhart and Sani van Mullum in a Dutch gipsy camp. They were featured as “The Gipsy Kids” in a documentary of Channel 4 in 1990. The full documentary is available on youtube, but unfortunately only in French and in Dutch. This is what I’ve found about Jimmy on wikipedia : “Joseph (Jimmy) Rosenberg (born 10 April 1980 in Helmond) is a Sinto-Romani guitarist from Netherlands, known for his virtuoso […]

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  • Swan Berger at 11

    Swan Berger at 11

    We’ve featured so many great guitarists here at Acoustic Guitar Videos over the last year and a half. Some of the videos got a fairly nice amount of view.. Some did really well receiving two or three thousand views… And along came this talented kid name Swan Berger that absolutely knocked it right out of the park. The last video of Swan we posted  (if you missed it, click here Swan Berger) received well over 50,000 views here at AGV.. […]

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  • Lulo Reinhardt: Latin Swing

    Lulo Reinhardt: Latin Swing

    By Miche Archetto: Lulo is the great-nephew of Django Reinhardt. In 2009 he founded the “Lulo Reinhardt’s International Latin-Swing project”. In this video, recorded live in Melbourne, they play the song “Mar y Sol”. They are Lulo Reinhardt – guitar Doug Martin – guitar Daniel Weltlinger – violin Sean Mackenzie – piano Harald Becher – bass Fabian Hevia – drums Peter Kennard – percussion The bio on Lulo’s official website reads: “Lulo Reinhardt is the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voice in Gypsy […]

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  • Vengerka/Two guitars. Russian-Romany (Gypsy).

    Alexander Gorodezky sent this into our facebook site… WOW!!! This is crazy good! Thank you Alexander! Here’s the description: “Via Romen” Nuevo Russian-Romany (Gypsy) Music and Dance ensemble from the US. Artistic director, Russian Rom (Gypsy) 7-string guitarist, dancer and vocalist — Vadim Kolpakov; Violin, back up vocals — Arkadiy Gips; Lead vocal, accordion & dance Petra Gelbart; Six-string guitar — Alex Gorodezky. Performance in Seattle, WA in 2010.”Vengerka”, Russian-Romany tune and dance. Unfortunately after reading that, I still don’t know exactly […]

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