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  • Tommy and Phil Emmanuel: Brother’s in Rhythm

    Here’s the Youtube description: “Tommy and Phil giving a clinic in France in 2001. They play “Guitar Boogie” and demonstrate the importance of listening to each other when you play together.” Now that’s what I call communication! Doesn’t hurt that they’re brothers…. After the Guitar Boogie is over, Tommy talks a little about what he concentrates on while his brother is soloing, mainly staying in a different register to complement what the other player is doing. Hey, great advice and, […]

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  • Forrest York: While My “Rhythm” Guitar Gently Weeps

    Sometimes we as guitarists and onlookers loose sight of what’s really important. When I was working in Nashville as a “hired gun” for the legendary Hall of Fame songwriter Jerry Foster, Jerry would often point out what the order of importance was regarding a recording/production: “The first thing that people listen to is the song, and if they like it, they will continue to listen. The next thing that people listen to is the singer, and if they like it, […]

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  • Riley P. – Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools + Wiz Khalifa Acoustic Mix

    Here’s what I call a “raw and real” video which features artist Riley Parker performing a mixture of popular songs on his acoustic.  In this video, a medley of sorts which includes Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” and Wiz Khalida Acoustic Mix. I personally am not familiar with these songs but my grandson who is 13 was all too familiar. These are the type of videos that can go viral- It’s because people under a certain age share music a lot […]

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  • Johnny Cash – No Drums, But Plenty Of Rhythm

    Here’s Johnny Cash with “Get Rhythm” This was a excerpt from Tex Ritters Ranch Party TV Show, approximately 1955-1958. Do you notice anything about this band? Yea, I guess my title gave it away but…no drums….. Back at this time period the drums were not so common in Country Music. Without drums, the entire soundscape changes as the responsibility of the rhythm falls on Johnny and his acoustic guitar. There’s some that prefer it this way (myself included), as the most […]

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  • Willie Nelson with Emmylou Harris- Pancho & Lefty

    If you are a fan of Willie Nelson and a fan of Emmylou Harris, then you ought to love them together singing and playin’ Pancho & Lefty. Willie’s style is so distinctive, you could pick him right out of a crowd (voice and guitar) The same goes for Emmylou, but only with her voice (she has never really been known for her guitar playing). I asked the crowd here and over at facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos a while back if you thought John Lennon […]

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