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  • The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg

    The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg

    “The Power of Acoustic Guitar” What do young guitarists do in Hamburg Germany? Well some of them have joined the Youth Guitar Orchestra which is a very organized group of talented players. Here’s a video from a live show which features snippets of their evening. Many of the songs you will recognize…pop and other standards. Here the YouTube description translated to English from German. “Wth “JGOH unplugged – The Power of Acoustic Guitar” The Youth Guitar Orchestra Hamburg (JGOH) presented on […]

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  • Leo Brouwer: Guitar Orchestra

    Leo Brouwer: Guitar Orchestra

    We’ve been featuring a lot of solo guitarists who are able to play multiple parts on guitar to fill things up as a soloist. Hey, why hire someone else when you can do it all yourself? Yea, some guitarists are even using Digital Loopers to be able to create a part and record it instantly on stage, then play it back…  play yet  another part over it like a lead guitar or even more rhythm. Well how about this for […]

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