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  • Riley P. – Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools + Wiz Khalifa Acoustic Mix

    Here’s what I call a “raw and real” video which features artist Riley Parker performing a mixture of popular songs on his acoustic.  In this video, a medley of sorts which includes Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” and Wiz Khalida Acoustic Mix. I personally am not familiar with these songs but my grandson who is 13 was all too familiar. These are the type of videos that can go viral- It’s because people under a certain age share music a lot […]

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  • Brandon Ross Performs with Cassandra Wilson

    This is a video of the ” Redemption Song” filmed at Jazz Vitoria 2005 You will notice that I juxtaposed Cassandra and Brandon’s name in the title (hey, this is AcousticGuitarVideos.com,  not Vocalvideos.com!) There’s a whole art to being able to back up a vocalist on the acoustic. One thing among many that Brandon Ross is good at is not overplaying while the vocalist is singing. Thank you Instrumental Acoustic Guitar for sharing this with us!  

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