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  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Blues Legend

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Blues  Legend This has no video but just listen to Sister Rosetta play and sing!!! WOW!!!!! I’ve included another video below of this monster talent playing electric guitar… (sorry, couldn’t find acoustic). Here’s Sister’s bio: “Born in Arkansas in 1915, singer Rosetta Tharpe began performing as a child with her mother. One of the first gospel artists to perform in both churches and secular clubs, she is credited with bringing gospel music into the mainstream in the […]

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  • Ishman Bracey Saturday Blues

    By Jim Weaver “Now here is what appears to be a common problem with reissues of early blues recordings. Here someone has slowed the original 78 to 70 rpm (using a true variable speed turntable) to change it to what was thought to be the key as it was originally recorded. This video ends with two test key changes. In the 50′s and 60′s when there was no tab or sheet music for country blues, guitarists would slow the record speed […]

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  • Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti: Early Jazz Guitar

    Here’s a video featuring guitarist Eddie Lang with his violin virtuoso sidekick Joe Venuti: Written By Jim Weaver: “Eddie Lang was born Salvatore Massaro, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By 1918, he was playing violin, banjo, and guitar professionally. Called “the first important jazz guitarist”, he was one of the first to develop the single note solo. In addition to doing a large amount of freelance radio and recording work, he was known for his recordings with jazz violinist Joe Venuti, his […]

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