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  • John Jorgenson: An Eclectic Musician

    John Jorgenson: An Eclectic Musician

    By Miche Archetto:   Her is John Jorgenson playing “Le Jour Des Gitans” (“The Day of the Gipsies”) backed by Brad Davis. John likes to play different styles, including jazz manouche country and bluegrass.   On wikipedia you can find that “John Jorgenson (born 6 July 1956 in Madison, Wisconsin[1]) is a US musician. Although best known for his guitar work with bands such as the Desert Rose Band and The Hellecasters, Jorgenson is also proficient in the mandolin, mandocello, […]

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  • Eric Clapton Guitar Review: Prefers a “Basic Guitar”

    Here’s Eric Clapton doing a review of the limited edition Martin Crossroads guitars. These guitars are a partnership that Eric has with Guitar Center and C.F Martin- guitars that are to Eric’s personal specifications. When trying these beauties out, it seems he is digging the one on his left (that would be our right). He says that it’s a little louder to his ears than the other. He says that the guitars are “perfect,” but it that a good thing? […]

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  • Martin D-18 Authentic vs Golden Era

    Here’s a pretty cool video that features a shootout between a Martin D-18 Authentic vs the Golden Era. The guy (don’t know his name) on the video does a good job of making the comparisons as fair as possible… and  definitely with the way he splices between guitars- you do hear the difference. Now here’s my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth… I look at this as judging 2 individual instruments, not an “Authentic” vs Golden Era… Guitars especially acoustics, vary from guitar […]

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  • $110,000 Martin D100 Double Neck

    Here’s Dan Grigor playing a Double Neck Martin D100 The guitar is going into the Martin Museum but would list for $110,000 !!! Sorry Martin, but in my opinion, no one’s gonna pay that kind of money this guitar! The prices of vintage guitars have come down in the last several years, but a few years ago some of the older 30′s Herringbones were going for prices like these. What do you think this guitar is really worth? Is this […]

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