Bob Harris- Guitar/Webhost: Acoustic Guitar Videos

My name is Bob Harris and I am the web host here and the one that is writing most of the articles and reviews of the videos you see.

My goal is to provide you with a shortcut from YouTube and additionally provide some professional commentary that is usually not included in the YouTube descriptions.

There are so many outstanding guitarists out there…

It’s easy to find the famous ones …

But I really like finding new guitarists that may only have a slim amount of viewings on YouTube that deserve better recognition.  So far, some of these players that we have featured both here and at our facebook page have written in and said that their YouTube views showed a good spike when we featured them. This I have to admit was not something I thought possible until we started to get more fans at both sites.

Since I have been a part of the music business professionally since 1977, I might from time to time share a cool story about a famous artist that I’ve worked with in the past.
But hey, lots of you have stories too that the folks visiting and myself here would really enjoy hearing so, if you have a story to share, you are welcome.

Please take advantage

If you have a favorite guitarist or are looking for some exposure, please go right ahead and post directly to our facebook site.  As of this writing, each post averages about 500- 1000 views…. and it keeps growing.  I try to feature one artist per day for maximum exposure.

Now I’m sure you are wondering this cause I would too… the answer is no, I do not make negative comments with any artist, that’s just not my style. And the folks here are some of the most friendly and supportive people I’ve seen on the internet.  Since this July 2012, I’ve only had to remove 1 very negative  comment.

Have fun, check out the categories on the right and tell your friends about this site. Oh, don’t forget to sign up to our weekly newsletter which I send out every Thursday morning at 9 am. It’s contains the weeks best videos… something to look forward to.

The best part of doing this site is getting to meet all the really great people who are interested and love acoustic guitar. I’m looking forward to getting to know you as well.



Okay, my short bio

I played guitar for fiddle legend Vassar Clements for 15 years
Recorded/produced and/or played on more than 1000 albums with very famous Artists (like Johnny Cash) and not so famous people (you know who you are).
I won Guitar Player International’s “Ultimate Guitar Competition” back in 1992 for best in flatpicking.
I own 2 recording studios and produce primarily acoustic music which includes folk, jazz, country, solo guitar, singer/songwriter, classical and bluegrass (and anything in between).
I’m married… my wife Lucy worked and sang with Les Paul…we have 4 grandchildren!