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  • Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    Oscar Mendez- On The Road

    A few years ago when I was just getting this Acoustic Guitar Video site up and running, there were a few guitarist that reached out to me, and were very enthusiastic about this site and the chance for some more exposure with their music. One of these guitarists was Oscar Mendez, who is one of the rare guitarists in his country of Columbia that performs this style of guitar. (fingerstyle to be exact) Like many other guitarists, Oscar knew enough […]

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  • Oscar Mendez: Lone Spirit (Live) – Gilberto Alzate Avendaño 2013

    Fingerstyle guitarist Oscar Mendez is perhaps in a class by himself in his country of Columbia Yea, there’s a lot of other styles of guitar but Oscar as far as I (and he) knows, is probably the only one doing anything like this. This is a live performance of Oscar that I think sounds even a little better than his recording!  (that means he keeps getting better!)> After listening to this song, stay tuned as this is from Oscar’s YouTube […]

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  • Oscar Mendez Performs Latest Album Live

    Here’s perhaps Columbia’s only fingerstyle guitarist Oscar Mendez- performing his album “Lone Sprit” live at  ”Ortizo instrumentos musicales” (looks like a guitar shop). The performance I believe was sponsored by Takamine and Bose…. I say I believe because I’m not entirely sure if the gig itself was sponsored or it’s a general sponsorship Oscar has with the sponsors. I can think of many positives and negatives associated with being a one of a kind musician. But judging from the audience response and […]

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    Here’s Oscar Mendez with a piece entitled “Dos Caminos.” Oscar was kind enough to share his latest video over at our facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos and it got a great response. According to Oscar, in Colombia where he is from… “the fingerstyle music is not common at all.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…good I suppose when you can corner the market, bad if no one understands or likes it (I’ve played bluegrass music my whole life so I […]

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