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  • Andrés Godoy: Fingerstyle (and Chords) With One Hand

    Andrés Godoy: Fingerstyle (and Chords) With One Hand

    Lapislázuli Andrés Godoy To see more Andrés Godoy videos, click here.  (Absolutely incredible!) I am never ceased to be amazed by guitarist Andrés Godoy . Obviously nothing was about to stop his immense musical talent including the obvious (if you indeed are watching this video..) For this video, Andrés performs a song entitled Lapislázuli which can be found on his latest CD entitled “Dedos Felices”, (Happy Fingers).  I wanted to include a link below for immediate download but had trouble locating where […]

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  • Andrés Godoy – Left Hand That Does It All

    Andrés Godoy – Left Hand That Does It All

    By Bob Harris: “Dears friends, I share a new video with yours, which was recorded a year ago and that is part of my instructional book about my technique Tatap. A hug from Chile. Andrés.” Thanks for this Andres… There’s obviously a lot to say about Andres with the rise above the disability and that of course is going to give him added attention. Then there’s other things such as the tapping style of guitar which is a “borderline style” […]

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  • Andrés Godoy – “Bird Sun”

    Andrés Godoy – “Pájaro Sol” If you’ve missed yesterdays video of Andres Godoy, check it out here… http://acousticguitarvideos.com/3237/andres-godoy-born-to-play/ you will be very happy that you did! I had a difficult time trying to categorize this video since it has an organ synth tastefully playing along with singing. I’m not surprised…. Andres Godoy is a great vocalist as well! Andres is one of those rare talents that was born to play and, his melodic and rhythmic sense is as sweet as […]

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  • Andrés Godoy- Born To Play

    Andrés Godoy- Born To Play

    Sputnik – Andrés Godoy – I’m not even going to say it. No I’m not. But what I will say is you are listening to one fantastic musician that was “Born to Play” music and has so much to say. Andres Godoy who hails from South America (Chili to be exact), has a definition to his playing that few possess. Along with a memorable melody, his rhythmical sense and his chord knowledge is just so amazing. I just kept hitting […]

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