Mike Dawes New Video

We have featured Mike Dawes here before with one of his more popular songs that got a lot of hits on Youtube.

But here’s a new one that only has about 300+ views entitled “The Impossible,” which may be impossible for most guitarists to play… but not Mike.

Beautiful work, great filming and a first rate recording.

I would personally like to thank Rob Poland for sharing this with us.

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  1. Great!!! Fantastic song and performance.

    Speaking of impossible guitar, anyone try tackling the Bach Chaconne in D minor, Yamashita’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” or the fast movements of the Bagatells for Guitar by Sir William Walton?

    1. Bob Harris says:

      Hey Lee, I’m at your page right now and enjoying your wonderful music- not to take anything away from Mike but the folks reading this here should go over to Lee’s site (after they are done here of course). To answer your question, none of the above have I tried to tackle, but I am involved with a recording project of Bach with acoustic guitar and mandolin that we are working on right now. Bach is not of this world! Thanks for sharing your music and feel free to go over to facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos and share with more people.