I Walk The Line- Johnny Cash- Learn The Travis Pattern

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Johnny Cash- “I Walk The Line

Here’s a song that is so recognizable,

just play these 3 chords (B, E, A)

and you might get others saying

“I Walk The Line”  …!!

This style of guitar (The Merle Travis style)  features a very recognizable country pattern which is now commonly known as The Travis Picking Pattern or style, which other guitarists such as Chet Atkins, Don Ross and Tommy Emmanuel have expounded on.

It’s a fingerpicking pattern originally played with just two fingers (the thumb and index). that incorporates “muting” on the bass string with the palm. This video not only shows this common technique but includes a rendition of the first verse that has become  a common way for a lead guitarist to play this song.

Originally Luther Perkins (lead guitarist that recorded this song with Johnny) deserves credit for this popular contribution to this song and of course country music which at the time back in 1956, was a new sound where Johnny’s style became defined.  But instead of  the snare…, the original version featured Johnny placing a playing card under the strings of his guitar to create a percussive sound for his rhythm. That rhythm and the lead guitar playing would later become his trademark sound which is part of American music history.

In this video lesson of I walk the line, we learn with sheet music and tab,  a simplified version of the lead electric guitar part (only now on acoustic) and also played Merle Travis Style.. It’s a spin on the original, but a nice alternative to those of you that are slow with a flatpick but want to play the lead part (or a facsimile of it). More lessons of I Walk The Line are available on this acousticguitarvideos.com website plus on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuH7j1IsIGc&list=PLx1uwVXECJKhuQNsLikTVdjWUuDqEDcU2