Steve Morse- It’s All About His Guitar

Here’s Steve Morse showing off his electric guitar, a Music Man Steve Morse model no less.

This video is not really about Steve’s playing, but listening to him speak and noodling around on his guitar.

Yes I know this is NOT an acoustic guitar and I too would have preferred to hear him naked on the acoustic but, it is still super impressive to watch this video.

But the main reason why I wanted to share this video is because of Steve’s personality more than anything. Not only is he the ultimate on guitar but, a genuine humble nice guy.

Now doesn’t that make it even more easy to love his guitar playin? What do you think?




  1. Erik says:

    Of course it does! Remember going to see the Dregs in Kingston years ago with Tim and Mike Maynard?

    1. Bob Harris says:

      Yes Erik, that was another awesome event in my life!