Beginners: Play Your First Fingerstyle Song in 60 MINUTES!

Attention Beginners… Here’s a very easy fingerstyle song for you to learn in a series called “Play your first fingerstyle song in 60 Minutes.

What makes these lessons so easy for beginners just starting out on the guitar is the use of 1 fingered chords  used in this complete song. In fact, it’s so easy on the left hand that we don’t even have to change notes for 2 of the chords (A7sus2 to Em).

This system ( new fingerstyle guitar learning system) called “The Gateway Chord Method” is used here.  A brief explanation of what’s involved with this system is, the right picking hand only plays the “good notes” which frees up the left hand to use much simpler 1 and 2 fingered chords. So as an example, forming a standard 3 fingered A and D Chord is  not necessary.

Even though the right hand is playing somewhat of a complex pattern and the song featured here sounds sophisticated, using 1 fingered chords makes this perfect for students who want to get going quickly on the guitar, rather than spending months learning standard chords and still not being able to play a song. Bob Harris, author of the “Gateway Chord Method” points out that learning these 1 fingered chords “speeds up the learning process” and will eventually make learning standard chords “much easier.”

Bob, who has been teaching beginner students since 1977 says that he found most students do better with the right picking hand and struggle mostly with forming chords on the left hand.  ”I think this has a lot to do with the fact that most people are right handed,” says Harris.

The “Gateway Chord System” is a lot easier for most beginners, as learning and being able to play a nice sounding song quickly really helps cut down on “Guitar quitters,” says bob. “If students can just make it past the 6th month threshold, I find that person almost 100% of the time playing and enjoying the guitar for the rest of their life.”

This course that is featured at YouTube by Acoustic Guitar Videos Lessons (click here to visit) also features a complete and detailed study guide geared for the Beginner guitarist.  The entire course and study guide is free.