Seji Igusa: A Young Japanese Talent

Seji Igusa is emerging talent of solo acoustic guitar. He masters all the new percussive and tapping techniques, as well as traditional fingerpicking. In this video he plays his composition entitled “Sunflower”.

If you are interested in some more videos by Seji, I can recommend Monolgue, or to explore his youtube channel.
Here is an automatic translation of his bio from his official website:
“ Igusa Seiji Hyogo Prefecture born 
was born November 9, 1988, 26-year-old hymns from childhood born pastor home, become familiar with the gospel began the guitar from the age of 15, since I was a student Kotaro Oshio, such as Tommy Emmanuel to serve the opening act 2009 national convention of the year April acoustic guitar played in FINGER PICKING DAY2009 awarded the “Grand Prize”, “original arrangement Award” professional debut, first mini album “introduction” was released at the age of 20 the world, which was held in September 2010 US Kansas of scale guitar contest, 39th Walnut Valley Festival “International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship” is played in Japan representative to. Top5 to be chosen other Tokyo to transfer solo live activities currently active, production, such as television and radio music, support, energetically active also as guitar instructor number playback of YouTube / Nico Nico Douga is more than 1 million times award gravel 2006/12 finger picking contest Miki instrument  MIKI GAKKI Award 2007/7 SonyMusic Tobirabo Osaka Grand Prix 2007/8 SonyMusic Tobirabo Tokyo second place 2009/4 finger picking contest national convention highest award, original arrangement Award 2010/9 Walnut Valley Festival International Finger Style Guitar Championship Top5
By Miche Archetto