Sandra Bae- Another Great Korean Guitarist

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Sandra Bae- Another Great Korean Guitarist

This video featuring Sandra Bae was made in 2011… which puts her at the age of 17 here.  Her videos are a great combination of talent and youth… a formula for tremendous success at YouTube which she definitely has (61,000 + subscribers).  This particular song “Etude of the Sun ” written by Tanaka Akihiro is not exactly the easiest of pieces to pull off, but Sandra does a great job here. And also consider that this is just her with a guitar and  a lower level camera with the basic sound… In other words, no tricks here.

Go ahead and show your support for Sandra by sharing this post and liking this. Okay, maybe she doesn’t need so much help as others but talent is talent… Here’s a short bio:

“Sandra Bae (born September 22, 1994), is a Korean freestyle guitarist and music composer who is currently signed to record label Namuare in South Korea. She was formally an independent artist and was briefly signed to BranFlakes Records where she released a collaborative Christmas EP with rapper b-Rabbit. She was born in South Korea and was living in Pennsylvania before returning to her native country in 2013. Since debuting in 2010, she has released over 70 cover videos on YouTube and has released two extended plays.” more here

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