“Jerry’s Breakdown” – Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel & Richard Smith

“Fasten your Seatbelts. This is HIGH OCTANE Guitar Pickin’. Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel and Richard Smith perform “Jerry’s Breakdown” at the 2nd Annual “Jerry Reed Guitar-Man Tribute Concert” 2014, held at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN. With Bart Pikes on the Bass, Ric McClure on the Drums, Mike Wyatt on Percussion, Pat Bergeson on the Harmonica and Mark Thornton on the Acoustic Guitar. “

The above is the description from YouTube…. this certainly would have been a great concert to attend for sure!

Now a lot of you are probably not as familiar with Brent Mason as you are Richard Smith and of course Tommy Emmanuel…

For many decades, Brent has been one of the most recorded sessions musicians in Nashville, and has played on a billion hit songs (well, not a billion, but you know what I mean). If there was an A team session then, he was there for sure.  Now in this video, the trio perform Jerry’s Breakdown with Brent leading the way.,  Now I can’t be sure but my guess is that Tommy might not have learned this song note for note, as he’s just improvising on the melody (I guess the only way to find this out would be to ask one of those guys or Tommy?) Richard Smith on the other hand knows the song (I’ve seen him do this before in another video) but is only twinning the song with Brent at the end.

I’m not a big fan of drums with acoustic guitars and in this mix, the drums drown out the guitars to the point where it’s difficult to hear what’s going on.  And since this is a multi camera shoot, I find it difficult to believe that they just took an off the board “as is” mix with this…

In any even event, hot playing by Brent Mason, Tommy Emmanuel and Richard Smith for sure.