Maneli Jamal – Daft Funk

Here’s a new song by Maneli Jamal that just got released last week ( January 12) entitled “Daft Funk”.


Lately, Maneli has been getting into some serious groove acoustic… Daft Funk is for sure his funkiest song to date.
You would expect with a title like this that he’d be using a lot of the modern percussive techniques for a song like this but,
that’s not what happens here. Maneli does however use a percussive backbeat in this song, but only as a driving
rhythm between what looks like an almost impossible melody to pull off (warning, don’t try this at home).

Lately we’ve had lots of talk about percussive and tapping guitar and the overuse of it.
Maneli’s songs are always first about the songs but.. they also
includes amazing virtuoso moves intertwined with the melody… (now you know why he is one of our favorites here at Acoustic Guitar Videos)

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