Acoustic Gangsters – Jozef Scheiner and Peter Luha

Acoustic Gangsters- Mandolinist Jozef Scheiner has just released an instrumental solo mandolin album called “Perinmama”. In this video he plays “For Piazzolla”, a song from that album together with guitarist Peter Luha. Both musicians hail from Slovakia. The music of “Acoustic Gangsters” here is very reminiscent of the David Grisman Quintet (perhaps more in the days of Mark O’Connor). Both Jozef and Peter are loaded with chops, and this composition “For Piazzolla” has it all including a very memorable melody.

 Jozef Scheiner’s Biography
Jozef was born in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia where his father played the guitar, and his grandfather was a mandolinist. Jozef first picked up the mandolin at the age of 15, and soon formed his first bluegrass band. However, it was David Grisman’s music that influenced Jozef the most. Jozef began to compose his own instrumental pieces and when he was around 20, his band, the Grasshoppers, took part in a Mandolin competition held in the Czech Republic. They won the competition after playing Jozef’s own compositions, of which the best known one is called Romale. He also studied classical mandolin in Italy. Since then, Jozef has explored various musical styles including newgrass, new acoustic music, modern country, rock, pop and jazz.“ more
Here you can find also some information about Peter Luha.
By Miche Archetto