Marco Ielpo- Fingerdance

Here’s some really cool playing by Italian guitarist Marco Ielpo with a song entitled “Fingerdance” which is a cover by Billy McLaughlin… performed in the tapping percussive style of guitar.  As you will see, Marco has a bunch of YouTube videos listed and worth checking out, as this video is one of many from his YouTube playlist.

Marco’s technique here is all tapping, and from what I can see (and hear) there’s not one single picked note present in this performance. I’m also just guessing that the sound is all from the pickup, as I don’t see any mic(s) present.  I of course checked out Billy McLaughlin’s version and in comparison, Marco’s video is a lot purer in sound and tone, and not as processed. Someone wanting to learn this song would fair much better watching this. Great going Marco… we’ll be featuring more of his vids here at Acoustic Guitar Videos in the near future.

Quick bio from Marco Ielpo:

“Marco Ielpo, born in 1995, is an Italian fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, of Lucan origin. He starts to play the classic guitar at the age of nine and by then his interest in music grew up increasingly. He dedicated himself initially to rock, over the years he discovered the fingerstyle guitar, listening to Tommy Emmanuel, who influenced his playing. Then he started to explore the percussive techniques of guitar, incited by the music of Andy Mckee.

After having attended the High School in Rotonda (Pz), he was admitted to the conservatory of Potenza. Marco gives a lot of importance to fans, without which no musician would have a job, so it’s possible to contact him for every kind of reason, even for having a chat.”

visit Marco lelpo website here