Ivan Pesut – Farewell Song

Here’s Guitarist Ivan Pesut from Croatia with a very interesting video that features “duet playing”… but the other player is himself. What a great job of cinematography here with both Ivans playing in the same room… even having what looks to be eye contact and interaction…

Now we’ve featured Ivan here before with a song called “Spring Break” which is also definitely worth watching if you like this kind of guitar style Ivan Pesut- Spring Break

What I am going to say about his playing is (and I said this before) he really is able to pull the tone out of his guitar… reminiscent (at least for me) of Tony Rice in his spacegrass days. The composition however is very moody which does include some deep chord changes and… certainly not something you’d hear from Rice (more like Ralph Towner). But he’s not afraid to get back to the G chord here (hey, maybe that’s why it sounds like Tony!). But whatever category you want to put this in, Ivan Pesut is a first class guitarists that deserves more recognition for his fine playing. So to help him out, make sure you share this video and like it!
Here’s a quick description from Ivan about this song:

“I call them sketches. They are instrumental tunes with two guitar parts or maybe some percussion to it. It starts with a motive or a phrase which is basically the only part of the song that repeats. The rest is like a scenery while driving. A constant motion. “Farewell Song” was the first tune I made that way and it started a nice trend for me. I really like that kind of guitar interaction.”

By Bob Harris