George Harrison- Studio Guitar Solos Don’t Make the Cut

Here’s Beatles producer George Martin with his son Giles Martin and George Harrison’s son Dhani listening to individual tracks and what’s know as “stem mixes” of “Here Comes The Sun”. (lots of Sons or Suns in that sentence)

A stem mix is simply a logical grouping of elements to a song, say a stem mix of just the vocals, or just the percussion or instruments. It’s a great way to mix a song, especially if there are many elements and you need more room on your board.

Now what’s cool about this video is you get to hear George Harrison play a bed of guitar solos that never made it to the album. In fact, what we’re hearing here is quite different than the radio and album cut. Is it a different version…,

No, definitely did come from the exact same timeline of tracks but, they just didn’t use it.┬áIf you are wondering…. this happens a lot in the studio

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  1. Jason says:

    I like George’s guitar solo and would have preferred it left in especially since this was a Beatles/Harrison artistic invention & not an orchestral piece to begin with! They could have used it as a supporting voice to the orchestra or as a solo voice over the top of same… but never would I have pulled this sweet and simple solo off the tune entirely. Wrong choice was made IMHO.