Jersey Bada Bing Christmas- Thinking Outside The “Pizza” Box

Hey Everybody!

Jersey Bada Bing Christmas to you!!

Here’s a very odd sort of video that has nothing to do with guitar
and nothing to do with performance on instruments.
So why am I sharing this with you?
Well for starters, it is Christmas and I figured some of you may get a laugh out of this “North Jersey” Christmas Video that I wrote and produced along with vocalist Lucy Clark entitled “Jersey Bada Bing Christmas” back in 2007.
Think Sopranos Christmas…

Secondly,  guitarists with YouTube videos should be very interested in the marketing of this product…

Back in 2007, I had this chord progression and melody that I would always warm up on before a gig. My singing partner Lucy Clark (who sang and got her start in music with Les Paul) suggested we put some words to it. Now, the great part about Christmas is, if you have a song, it keeps coming back every year., and this is something to think about for all you guitarists out there that are looking to make a video that actually has some impact and longstanding evergreen view counts. But there’s more to this than view counts, so hang with me here.
Now the fact is, this Jersey Bada Bing Christmas video was not posted by me, and there are about 4 or 5 other video channels that transferred this from our DVD that we had for sale along with a Christmas Album.. Here’s what the packaging looked like…
bada bing christmas box
Inside, we had the DVD available and a CD of standard Christmas songs (CD looked like a pizza).
So the various YouTube postings of the video came well after the fact of selling nearly 9,000 of these mini pizza boxes from radio spots, newspaper, mail order and then Barnes & Noble. 9 thousand sales doesn’t sound like a lot, but we sold these at $19.98… so do the math..
Our big break was getting this to Big Jay Sorenson who was the talk show host at WNBC New York for years.. His daily show aired right after Howard Stern.  After years at NBC and then various radio stations including NJ 101.5), Jay made his way to a station down in South Jersey (WJRZ) which had a large listening audience of transplanted Italians that migrated from North Jersey to the Toms River area… Jay of course knew this and took great liberties at the time to break and promote the song on the station and even a WJRZ Christmas Concert.
The first week of airing, we ran out of Pizza boxes and had to reorder. For the next month my job really became sitting by the phone, taking and fulfilling orders. In retrospect, we should have hired someone to help, but who knew? Now if that wasn’t enough, the NJ Star Ledger (New Jersey’s largest newspaper) picked up on Big Jay and and the Jersey Bada Bing Christmas and ran a feature article. So, another large order was placed for more Pizza boxes… Finally, after all the sales, we approached Barnes & Noble to handle it all. They we’re more than happy to take it over, based on the sales. People we’re buying this things as gifts, some people ordering 15 at a clip.  It was insane.

Guitarists…. think outside the Pizza Box!

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