Gavino Loche: Beatles on Acoustic Guitar- Come Together

We have already featured Gavino Loche’s impressing acoustic covers of famous songs, including “Sultan of Swings” and “The Wall“. This time Gavino decided to enhance his one-man-band attitude by adding a new percussive tool to his Lakewood guitar. And he tested it on the famous hit by the Beatles “Come Together”. Also this time the result is a great and accurate rendition of the original piece.

Here is some information about the song:
Timothy Leary was a psychologist who became famous for experimenting with LSD as a way to promote social interaction and raise consciousness. Leary did many experiments on volunteers and himself and felt the drug had many positive qualities if taken correctly. When the government cracked down on LSD, Leary’s experiments were stopped and he was arrested on drug charges. In 1969, Leary decided to run for Governor of California, and asked John Lennon to write a song for him. “Come Together, Join The Party” was Leary’s campaign slogan (a reference to the drug culture he supported) and was the original title of the song. Leary never had much of a campaign, but the slogan gave Lennon the idea for this song more
More information about Gavino Loche can be found onĀ his website.
By Miche Archetto