RafQu- Acoustic Guitar – Base Jump

Here’s acoustic guitarist RafQu, with an  original composition entitled “Base Jump”, played on a custom Fabio Bonardi guitar.

This very recent video which already has a lot of views (over 14,000), is RafQu’s first release on acoustic guitar giant Candyrat Records. This has to be a very exciting moment as being accepted as an artist for this label is no easy task.

I recently asked RafQu about all of this:

“So this was my Big Dream to released a song/Video for Candyrat Records. When I started to play acoustic Guitar, I saw so many Video’s of Andy Mckee, Stefano Barone, Craig D’andrea and my Big Idol Jimmy Wahlsteen. 
I’ve just contacted Candyrat when I have the new material. Base Jump is a new song from my new “in Work” album. I think I will be released next year. So it was from me a Big Emotion to see my name for Candyrat. “
What’s in the future for RafQu? Well, one dream that still needs to be fulfilled is a tour of the USA soon. (Hey, any booking agents out there that want to help? please contact me). I of course will be looking into this.
I know a lot of you here would love the opportunity of seeing Raf Qu live at a venue near you…
By Bob Harris


Mix & Mastering : Pasquale PACO Carrieri - http://www.pacocarrieri.com/
Video by : Dante Cota

Visit RafQu on http://www.rafqu.com or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RafQuOfficial