Don Ross- “It’s Fun Listening” To Don Ross

Don Ross plays his original composition “It’s Fun Being Lucky” from his Candyrat Records release, BREAKFAST FOR DOGS! 

Well, I don’t know if this is his latest (I will check).
But for now, I’m really enjoying this song “It’s Fun Being Lucky” which could also be titled “It’s Fun To Listen To”
or “I’m Lucky To Be Listening”…  okay… I’m in one of those moods..

Anyone that get’s released on CandyRat is going to be great, and Don Ross is no exception.
I’ve included some Amazon links below of Don Ross and his music…

Don Ross Biography

“Ross’s music borrows from blues, jazz, folk and classical music creating a style that he describes as “heavy wood”. Ross names Bruce Cockburn, John Renbourn, Pierre Bensusan, Keith Jarrett, Egberto Gismonti and Pat Metheny as his main sources of inspiration. One of his songs, “Michael, Michael, Michael”, is dedicated to Michael Hedges, and Ross has performed straight covers of his compositions.One obvious but unattributed influence is the psychedelic 1967 track ‘Embryonic Journey’ by Jefferson Airplane. Ross’s advanced technique and his sure feeling for rhythm combine with uncommon ideas to make his style instantly recognizable. He often uses percussive techniques and plays intricate down and upstroke patterns with his thumb. These techniques have found their way into the toolboxes of many competitive fingerstyle guitarists. His use of acrylic nails allow him to get the sound of long fingernails without the hassle of broken nails.

Don Ross played a Lowden S-10 in the beginning of his career, but since 1997 has played a Lowden O-10.[6] Today he plays custom-made guitars by Marc Beneteau, a Canadian luthier from St. Thomas, Ontario. The Beneteaus are equipped with a combination of microphone and K&K pickups. Occasionally he plays a baritone guitar by Marc Beneteau, or uses a custom 7-string by Oskar Graf, a luthier from Clarendon, Ontario.” read more about Don Ross here