Maneli Jamal – Nine Year Residence

Here’s a new video by guitar extraordinaire Maneli Jamal with an original song entitled “Nine Year Residence.”

Maneli Jamal, who is one of the top guitarist on the solo guitar scene today writes the following about this video
and his music:

“Nine Year Residence is a strange story. When this song was released I had lived in Germany for 9 years, USA for 9 years and Canada for 9 years. I was beginning to see some sort of life pattern occurring. Where will I live in 9 years from now? Have you seen some of these pattern occur in your life?
“The Lamaj Movement” – May 2012, features 12 original compositions based on my nomadic life thus far (Iran, Belarus, Germany, USA, Canada). Each track is a piece of memory taken at one point during our travels. Phew what a trip!”

Everything about this video is first rate, the recording, videography, the playing, and of course the composition which to me is appropriately titled since it does have a re-occurring theme present ( I’m guessing that his 9 years in each place was a good thing). I also want to point out that Maneli is a master at blending in fantastic technique, but unlike a lot of guitarists, the purpose is always to enhance the ever present melody rather than to just show off. Just perfect.

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