Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS-Play Guitar in 12 Minutes! Lesson 4

If you missed Lessons 1 2 and 3, Go here..

In this ongoing series entitled “Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS-Play Guitar in 12 Minutes!”
we’re going to be learning a very easy two fingered way to play a G Chord in this lesson #4.

The standard G Chord which uses 3 fingers on the left hand, can be very difficult for many beginning
guitar students due to the fact that it not only utilizes the pinky, but the stretch is very wide.

But with the finger pattern with the right hand that I’m showing you, (which is a continuation of lessons
1, 2 and three of “Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS- Play Guitar in 12 Minutes Lesson 1) it is simply not necessary
to do the 3 fingered G Chord. In fact, in this lesson technically you can even get away with pressing
on 1 string if trying to do it with 2 fingers at first is difficult for you..

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