Bryan Sutton & Michael Daves- John Hardy

One Microphone… two guitars.. no pickups, no compression, no reverb, no effects whatsoever.

That’s what I think separates bluegrass music these days from other forms of music

in that it’s a “what you see and hear is what you get kind of music” rather than a “processed performance”

which is happening even with acoustic guitarist and other forms of so called Pure music forms” these days.


This particular video is a live show featuring Bryan Sutton and Michael Daves with the bluegrass

standard John Hardy. Well if this isn’t blazing flatpicking, I’m not sure what is, as Bryan Sutton (clearly

the better flatpicker here) really tears it up with one great solo after another.


Now Michael Daves who I fist met on a twin bill show I did featuring Tony Trischka, is an incredible

flatpicker by all standards… and his singing… well, let’s just say that he’s one fine traditional singer.

Michael seems to do a lot of duo projects together with some great pickers like Chris Thile, and Nam Pikelny that come

to mind and now Bryan sutton… It’s obvious why caliber players would want to do projects with him, as a lot of great players in bluegrass

are attracted to that real traditional sound Michael Daves has to offer.