Antoine Dufour – Convergences, The Drive Within – Acoustic Guitar

There’s so many great guitarist out there and you can only imagine that it’s difficult to feature them all (but we’re trying!). Well, here’s  guitar great Antoine Dufour who has been featured here before but not playing solo by himself (check out this video).

Wes Hodgkinson wrote into Acoustic Guitar Videos and suggested a video of Antoine Dufour solo…. for sure this was a good idea.

This song is called “The Drive Within” which is a cut  from his “Convergences” album. Antoine say’s that this song is “probably one of my hardest ones to play,’ but it is played very well on his Beauregard signature guitar.

And for those of you that care, the tuning is EbBbDEbBbF   My big question would be, do you first tune the guitar like this, and then start playing around in the tuning and come up with the song, or did he imagine it in his mind and tune to what he was hearing?