Jack Saunders: Guitarist/Student Labors Outdoors to Afford Lowden Guitar

Here’s a interesting story about a high school student by the name of Jack Saunders who recently performed a solo guitar piece by Thomas Leeb at his Higher School Certificate Music Exams. The focus of this story is  his determination to buy a prized Louden Guitar by laboring outdoors in a fencing job (hey, how many of you remember working in a similar situation to buy your first quality guitar?

The Orange High School student impressed the marking panel when he played “Audrey” the guitar named after his late grandmother.

“She knew how passionate I was about the guitar and was always asking me how my saving was going,” he said.

Always encouraging, she kept asking if his saving was on track and finally helped him over the line so he could place his order.

“She passed away in February and I thought it was really appropriate to name the guitar after her,” Jack said.

“When it arrived from Ireland the first thing I did was get it out of the packaging and play for her.”

Jack plays in a percussive style (hitting the guitar with his hand) as well as a contemporary finger style.

“But I do like traditional celtic music as well, and playing my own compositions,” he said.

Jack says when he saw the Thomas Leeb guitar his teacher Joe Morgan had, he just wanted to own one himself.

Now it is never far from his side.

Jack started playing electric guitar when he was 12, but gravitated to the more melodic sound of acoustic guitar.

“I just really loved the sound,” he said.

Now in his final year of schooling he’s philosophical about pursuing his music career.

“Of course I would love a solo career or perhaps play with a band – but making a living out of music is difficult,” he said. read more here

After watching the video, it’s obvious to me that Jack Saunders can have a career at music… and my advice (for whatever it’s worth) is keep playing and also try to focus on the business of music. Too many musicians think that it’s just a lot of lucky breaks but, most of the time you have to make your own.

Never mind Jack Saunder’s young age… this is fine playing..

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