Wyatt Rice-David Grier-Kenny Smith

This is a very cool video of Tony Rice’s younger brother Wyatt, David Grier (son of banjoist Lamar Grier) and Kenny Smith.

All players are well known in the bluegrass and flatpicking world, and each player has something a little different to say on the guitar.

I say a little different because they are all still basically playing out of the Clarence White, Rony Rice school of flatpicking.

You would have to look far and wide these days to find anyone that’s flatpicking who doesn’t or hasn’t tried to emulate Tony and Clarence.

I want to point out something about this video that most people wouldn’t even notice-

“right hand technique”

Notice, both Wyatt and Kenny are holding their pick with three of their fingers out, while David Grier is holding the pick in a fist.

Why is this important?

Well, there is an advantage to one of the techniques….

Which do you think is a superior technique? Please share this video with your friends and you are welcome to leave your comments below.